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What to look forward to – Star Trek: Discovery

We have enterered long, cold winter season, and if you are not the outdoors type, there are plenty of outstanding entertainment options to warm your soul.

Number one for this writer is Star Trek: DiscoveryThe second half of season one starts tonight, so let’s catch up.

**Spoilers for the first half of Season One ahead**


  • War!! The Federation and the Klingon Empire are engaged in a life and death struggle, which stemmed from First Officer Michael Burnham’s attempt to seize control of her vessel, the Shenzhou, in order the attack the Klingons first at the Battle of the Binary Stars. She was unsuccessful in her attempt and the Klingons taking the inaction of their foe as an act of unhonorable cowardice, thrust the galaxy into armed conflict and sent Burnham to prison for mutiny.
  • Burnham winds up on the USS Discovery through a series of events and is integrated into the crew by Captain Lorca, who feels he can use her talents despite her past and the disapproval of Starfleet Command.
  • Discovery isn’t your normal ship. It is fitted with an experimental Spore Drive, which when it functions, can whisk the ship away at a seconds notice to anywhere in the quadrant.
  • The Spore Drive is navigated by Lt. Stamets, who has integrated alien DNA with his own, but at a terrible cost. The barriers of the known universe and alternate ones begin to thin, with Stamets on the edge of unexplored places of time and space.
  • Security Officer Tyler was rescued from a Klingon prison ship by Lorca and has developed a romantic relationship with Burnham, but is he who he appears to be?
  • A key battle has been won and the Federation is on the verge of victory, but when Discovery attempts one last jump, the ship and crew are sent to uncharted space in the midst of a sea of wreckage and no clear understanding of where, or when they are.

So fellow Trekkers, that catches us up. It has been said that the second half will be an almost complete reboot of the first bunch of episodes, but we have questions:

  • Where the hell are we?!?
  • Why did Stamets go all white eyed from the last jump? Are they teasing a Gary Mitchell type evolution?
  • Who is Tyler? Is he a secret surgically altered Klingon spy?
  • Will the Mirror Universe come into play?
  • Outside of one vague reference to the Spore tech in Star Trek: Voyager, why have we never heard of this advancement, for better or worse?


So many questions, so few answers. The fun will be the “Discovery” together!


Star Trek: Discovery airs on CBS All Access Sunday’s at 8:30 pm est.


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