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Life Brew – Just. Don’t.

Once again, someone – who has not (as far as I know) undergone the psychological, emotional and physical effects of sexual harassment or assault – felt the need to put their mouths on the #MeToo movement. Once again, their statements were loud, ignorant and utterly unhelpful on top of belittling and blaming the victims.

We here at PCU had some choice thoughts on this latest outburst which I’ll share below:

Alley: Assuming the women are not lying… it is still victim shaming on Chappelle’s part. Dave could have easily not commented, but maybe he is too ‘weak’ not to…

Belle: Here’s the thing with Louis C.K. he straight up said that every account, not some, but EVERY SINGLE ONE, was true. He knew what he did was wrong, he did it anyway.
So, he can suck a bag of razor blades. However, Chappelle had to put his mouth on it because that’s his buddy…

Harry: Sometimes you need to know when to stfu.

Brook: I thought Chappelle was cancelled when he walked out on his own show. Irony, callin’ people weak and brittle, and he couldn’t even handle his own jokes.

Slewo: Yeah and Dave isn’t exactly great at understanding why he’s getting dunked on.

Ron: Chappelle is falling into the trap that so many comedians in the past have: no longer trying to find the truth of the moment, instead they’re trying to lecture us on our ‘inability’ to understand the truth of the moment. He’s speaking like he’s an authority on this when he has no legs to stand on. Then he admonishes the dreams of others because he deems that they didn’t have enough commitment to that dream because they let this deter them from following their paths.

In the end, it all boils down to this: if you feel the need to comment on other people’s trauma yet have not walked in their shoes; don’t care to understand why it is sexual violence and harassment isn’t about sex but about power; and refuse to have basic empathy for your fellow human beings?

To borrow from Jessica Williams:


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  1. YES to ALLLLLLLL of this. STOP telling ME how to fucking FEEL about being sexually harassed. It was bad enough the first time – you know – when it HAPPENED.

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