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TV Brew: Supernatural Mid-Season Review

Oh, it’s on…

First and foremost this show has done a great job making us fall in love with Jack. I said it in the premiere review but it bears repeating: Alexander Calvert is casting gold. Between his looks and mannerisms he’s the perfect combination of Castiel and Dean, far more innocent in a way even Cas wasn’t when he first came on the show but also far more powerful than he knows. Jack, in the hands of a lesser actor, could have been just a walking MacGuffin instead he’s a layered, complex character who you absolutely want the best for and to keep safe.

Part of the reason you want to keep him safe is his relationship with Dean. We watch this season as Dean comes perilously close to embracing the worst aspects of John, pushing Jack away in the same way John did to Sam. This, coupled with his suicidal tendencies due to the brutal losses of Castiel, Mary and Crowley, see him spiraling further and further out of control culminating in his reckless behavior in the mid-season finale. This is a Dean who’s given up and is ready to die, especially if it means he’ll be able to save the last of his family. Too bad for Dean that’s not an option, as he finds out from the newly upgraded Billie: he has work to do and his actions will not only determine his fate but the fate of the multiverse.

As for Sam, Castiel and Lucifer, Sam has fallen into the role that Bobby played in the family dynamics, especially where Jack is concerned. Their similar backgrounds and powers come into play repeatedly and it’s kind of beautiful to watch as Sam tries his best to guide Jack, while reconciling him to Dean, into walking a less bloody and sad path than he did.

However, speaking of walking down terrible paths, the newly resurrected Castiel (thanks Jack!) and Lucifer continue to make bad life choices. Castiel, instead of staying with Dean and Sam to raise Jack – I love how hard the show is leaning into Dean and Cas being a couple. It’s like after season ten they just went ‘screw it’ – at the first sign of trouble he goes off on his own, as if that has ever ended well for him or anyone else. Meanwhile, Lucifer’s literal eons of douchebaggery comes back to bite everyone in the arse with Asmodeus taking over for Crowley and bringing along the recently resurrected Ketch (still obsessed with having Mary – with or without her consent – and in her absence transferring that creepiness to Dean) as his dragon in chief.

Book Of Lore

  • Dean feels like it’s his job to protect everyone.’ one of the truest statements ever made on this show.
  • Michael officially returns this season and Christian Keyes imbues him with enough reminders of Matt Cohen and Jake Abel’s performances that you instantly know it’s him while making the character distinctly his own due to the very different world he’s from.
  • Unlike the set-up for Bloodlines, which was random and didn’t take the time to make us care about the characters involved, Wayward Sisters (love the name btw) has been carefully layered in, adding Christine, Patience and Kaia while building on our knowledge of, and love for, Jody, Claire and Alex. I have a feeling the CW has another hit on their hands. I just wish we hadn’t lost Missouri to do it.
  • Did you catch the little shout out to the fact that Supernatural is apart of the DC Comics universe in the various worlds that Jack and Kaia saw?

The above would be enough problems for a single season, but with the mid-season finale leaving our crew trapped on different worlds of the multiverse, Michael planning an invasion of our world and no one knowing about the dangers the others are in, things are looking to be lit as f**k, going into the back end of this year and into season 14.

I cannot wait.

Five Dinosaurs out of Five

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