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TV Brew: South Park S21E8: “Moss Piglets”

“OK, we had a big hit with that Trump episode last week. What do we have this round?”

“Ummmm…well, we could do something with Roy Moore? Sexual assault allegations?”

“Nope, child abuse is overplayed. And there’s too many of those to keep up with.”

“Well, the NFL is always good for a laugh. Especially since nobody’s watching it anymore.”

“Great! But we can’t do the racial angle and flag protests. What else do we have?”

“Well, Heidi is back with Cartman. She was adopting Cartman’s racism last week, so…”


(Unison) “Let’s make her fat and turn her into a female Cartman!”

“Ha-ha. OK, that works. Fat, self-absorbed racism will work for everybody. We’ll just get twice as much out of having two Cartmen.”

“Got it. But what’re the Cartmen going to have a problem with?”

“Nuts. I’m stuck. Any ideas?”

“Well, there’s the special ed kids….”

“Oh, that’s mean. Let’s just work with Nathan and Mimsy without overplaying their disability. That upset too many people last time. We’ll just do another rivalry with Jimmy and Timmy.”

“Got it. Wait…how the hell are we supposed to tie in Cartman to the special ed kids if we can’t make fun of their disability?”

“I…crap. OK, check with the Manatees.”

(Several minutes pass)

“The manatees came back with ‘science fair,’ ‘slavery,’ and ‘tardigrades.'”

“So…ummm…Jimmy and Timmy are experimenting with…tardigrades…for the special ed science fair…and…the NFL wants to use them to boost their ratings? And…Heidi doesn’t want to…judge it, because it’s too much like slavery?”

“BINGO. Let’s get to work.”

(Aside) “Hey, do you think it’s weird that we’ve resorted to a random episode generator the way we used to make fun of Family Guy?”

Rating: One and a half water bears out of five, because what the hell was that episode.

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