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PlayStation Rewards for the Completionist in You

If you enjoy grinding through video games for all of the collectibles, secret locations, and every last possible trophy you can squeeze out of it, then Sony’s latest announcement might be just the thing you want to hear: Playstation trophies can now be turned into cold, hard cash.

Okay, maybe not literal cold, hard cash, but close enough. From now on, trophies earned can be redeemed for points on your Playstation Account, which you can then turn around and convert into money to be used on purchasing new games. This sounds like a fantastic idea for Sony to reward its loyal fans, especially the avid trophy hunters and completionists out there.

Before you get too excited, though, be warned: it isn’t all that much money.

Bronze trophies aren’t worth anything. You will net a single point per silver trophy, 10 points per gold, and 100 per platinum. If you can combine enough trophies to reach 1,000 points, Sony will reward you with a $10 voucher that you can use to purchase games, downloadable content, movies, and shows. Collecting 1,000 points isn’t easy and is definitely going to take even dedicated grinders some time, but it’s still pretty nifty to be rewarded for actually playing games rather than simply buying them.

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There are some stipulations to keep in mind for all of you who are already on your way to the couch to boot up your consoles. First off, this program is only available for players in the United States. Secondly, none of the trophies you’ve already amassed are going to count towards your redeemable points; you’re going to have to effectively start at zero. Points are earned throughout the calendar year, but they do expire, meaning you have to redeem them the year that they are earned or until March 31st the next year. All of Sony’s rules and regulations for this program can be located here.

Xbox head executive Phil Spencer took to Twitter in the wake of Sony’s announcement, praising them for their inclusion of the new program. “Sounds like a cool feature, I’m going to give it a try,” he said. “Competition is a good thing. Keeps us all working hard.”

A parting piece of trivia: PSN user Roughdawg4 leads the trophy leaderboard with 15,580 silver trophies, 6,930 gold, and 1,361 platinum. If he were to hypothetically redeem all of those points at once, he’d be clocking in at approximately $1,583 to spend towards even more games. Good for you, Roughdawg4. You are an inspiration to us all.


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  1. Too bad for my hard-core player brother who has already accumulated thousands of trophies prior to this.


  2. I may have to see what I can get with my trophy-whore self…


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