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Review Brew: Wonder Woman #34

Well. That escalated quickly….

Wonder Woman #34
Writer: James Robinson
Artist: Sergio Davila
Inks: Scott Hanna, Mick Gray & Eber Ferreira
Colors: Romulo Fajardo Jr.
Letters: Saida Temofonte
Covers: Bryan Hitch & J. Skipper; Tony S Daniel & Tomeu Morey
Editor: Andrew Marino; Chris Conroy
Publisher: DC Comics

Family reunions can be hard, especially when the circumstances surrounding the separation aren’t ideal. Sometimes, though, it can work out and you end up making a connection that is stronger and far more profound than you could ever imagine.

This? Is not that time.

James Robinson pays off the feeling of dread he’s been building in the previous parts of the Children of the Gods arc with the meeting between Jason and Diana. Building on what we know, of both the comics and Greek mythology, he layers in a fantastic twist that–while we know it’s coming–is wonderfully and brutally executed.

This is immensely helped by the artwork of Sergio Davila, which feels like a combination of the work done by Nicola Scott in the early stages of Diana’s “Rebirth” run under Greg Rucka, combined with Bilquis Evely’s style on the latter half. It’s dynamic and above all smart with subtle hints throughout via the use of color and shading about the turn the situation Diana finds herself in is going to take.

I can’t wait to see how this plays out, and more importantly, why this arc is going down the path it’s taking.

Five fishing boats out of Five.

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