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Review Brew: The Packs of the Low Country

Written by John Dudley  Art by Don Cardenas

A long standing trope if you will of mythos of Lovecraft is that characters are all preparing for a horror that may never be seen by man. Granted, that in and of itself is terrifying and real spooky, but it does leave a lot of cards on the table. A lot of fun things to be explored that has mostly been left to the nebulous haze of the unknown. Well Writer John Dudley and artist Don Cardenas have done you a big favour if you’re part of the ‘What happens next?’ mindset.

Packs of the Low Country is a horror, action comic that is great in scope and has a lot of fun characters, granted it is a little rough around the edges but over all you’re looking at having a real fun time reading this graphic novel. There’s an embodiment of that independent spirit that makes comics so fun and spooky. So I’ve done two paragraphs of just kind of hype here so

Let me hit you with a little bit of that synopsis:

It’s been sixteen years since a full on invasion of what seems like every monster known and unknown to man invaded all our major cities. This story has a focus on the possibility of a settlement in the former South Carolina known as the Low Country. Our protagonists mission is to investigate the possibilities of a thriving settlement in the area. Seems simple enough right? Well mad science and man’s straight up hubris will have something to say about the ease of this mission.

John Dudley’s writing has a nice subtlety to it, dropping hints at what’s to come while still keeping you in the present is a hard thing to do for a lot of writers. The story moves like Jason Voorhees at the Co-Ed Sexlympics. (Not a real thing but I think you understand what I’m saying here.) The story itself keeps you off guard in the a good way. Making sure that when one problem seems to be resolved or somewhat dealt with there’s always more to deal with. Always a stranger threat to have to contend with. In all fairness the monsters themselves aren’t the most unique for the most part but there are a a few ideas here that really had me interested in how much more of this world we’ll see.

The art by Don Cardenas shows great promise, It’s able to bring moody inks and show some decent kinetic action. Which works out really well seeing as how most of this book is nonstop action. Over all though I will say that His style isn’t my absolute favorite but There is a lot of talent as far as panel layout and character design. To be honest there’s a little something to be desired when it comes to the figure work but that’s something I feel most artists find over time, and hopefully we’ll see more of Don’s work sooner rather than later.

Over all I will say that this book is paced ambitious and everything an indie comic should be. While using horror and action tropes it doesn’t fall victim to over using them without bringing something unique to the table. Granted the last issue isn’t in color but This is something I’m willing to forgive, the struggle of making indie comics is real y’all.

Now the question you as a reader should pose to anyone who’s reviewing anything is: “Would you buy this?” I’m going to say yes, but there are a few caveats to that, this is the type of book I’d be looking at walking around the artists alley of a convention and hey I might breeze by it at first but would definitely come back to the table to check out. It’s quirky fun and while setting up for a wider story still gives you a that satisfaction of reading a complete story.

You can find this book on Comixology for a really great price so scoop it up while you can!

3.5 unknown terrors out of 5 

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