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‘Middle-Earth: Shadow of War’ Sparks Controversy

Shadow of War has recently been released to the public. Yet, despite an overall positive reception, social media has exploded with controversial remarks aimed at Monolith Productions for making a game that depicts killing orcs as a good thing. This group of Uruk, often referring to themselves as “alt-good”, feel as if the game is saying “Make Middle-Earth orc free again #NoMoreOrcs. A few of the malevolently cunning, yet not very intelligent creatures, somehow managed to operate social medial platforms. While others, having no language of their own, simply left crudely scrawled messages where ever and with whatever they could find, ranging from mud, blood and fecal matter. While a lot of their scorn is aimed at the studio, they didn’t mince words about other groups they detest, namely: humans, The Elf-ist movement, Dwarves, ENT-IFA and SJWs (Solo Justice Warriors) though, for the most part they just seem apt to lash out at anyone who isn’t them.

Shadow of War is set in an alternate reality of the Lord of The Rings books, though there is some back and forth argument if it is part of the movie universe. Where a king is brought back from the dead in a Mordor that is being consumed once again by Sauron’s influence. The hero, as part of a resistance, must navigate through orc-occupied Mordor.

A few prominent examples of the orc anger screeching are as follows:













Shelob Human Form3


Of course, it’s hard to parse out which posters are actually orcs and which ones are trolls posting, because their grammar and word usage is about the same. Shadow of War is already out on the shelves, so anyone can see what the fuss is about, or live out their Solo Justice Warrior fantasies. Also, just out of complete coincidence, Wolfenstein New Colossus comes out October 27. Yup, it’s just total crazy random happenstance that game came up…


Real Talk: While this piece is a work of satire, most all of it is paraphrased simply word replaced  from other sources actual twitter and social media posts  (Which will follow to give due credit). Though, if anyone is upset because they can see; an obvious correlation between a group of demi-human monsters, outraged that their end goal of brutal annihilation and enslavement of all other races is portrayed as absolute evil in a video game, and can relate that to current real life events. Then all I can say is, if the boot fits…



Before you click, fair warning these sites contain and lead to the actual hate-fueled posts that the orc tweets are directly based from. Aside from being stomach turning and draining your faith in humanity, they’re also not a good things for kids to see. But, if you like to compare and contrast for the sake of comedy, have at it!

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Got thoughts, feels, or simply need a virtual hug after reading the actual posts? There’s a comments section below. We got you, fam.

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2 Comments on ‘Middle-Earth: Shadow of War’ Sparks Controversy

  1. I’ve got to say the joke part of this was lost on me a little when I first read the original nazi stuff on another site this morning and originally took that as a joke. Seriously its hard to top the kind of stupid we’re supplying in the world today, no wonder it’s hard to be a comedian. I’m not saying having nazis as your bad guys is original or anything but it is also considered a fairly solid target that nobody can get annoyed about. Or so I thought.

    In slightly unrelated news this reminded me of ‘the last ring bearer’ a Russian piece of fanfic that actually treated tlor as elf-ist propaganda. It was quite good and I recommend reading it if you get a chance. Dragged a bit in the middle but did a good job of slightly twisting the original tale.


    • Kurtis Bolk // October 30, 2017 at 6:00 am //

      Being a comedian isn’t difficult, all you have to do is tell jokes. However, being a good comedian, that’s another story.

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