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Sony’s Most Expensive PS4 Bundle Just Sold Out

We’ve talked about expensive gaming bundles before. Some of them have come with statuettes, metal game cases, artwork, clothing, and other interesting things.

It’s been established over & over that people will shell out money hand over fist for bundles like this, sometimes forsaking other wants and needs just to get the collector’s editions of certain games. I personally just pre-ordered the $100 (USD) Gold Edition of the upcoming Assassins Creed Origins, and have been known to get other collector’s bundles in the past. There’s just such an allure to these bundles. We as gamers know they’re expensive, but we like the schwag that comes with them.


That being said, it seems that Sony has just taken the cake on the mother of all PS4 bundles. The gaming giant recently concocted and sold out of a Taiwan-exclusive $46,000 (yes, forty six THOUSAND US dollars) bundle for Gran Turismo Sport. What could possibly warrant a price tag like that, you ask? Well, this one has got to be one of the more unique bundles we’ve ever seen. The package includes:

  • A PS4 Pro console
  • A PlayStation VR headset with Move controllers
  • A PlayStation Plus subscription
  • A Thrustmaster T-GT racing wheel
  • An APIGA AP1 racing seat
  • A 4K Bravia Television with HDR
  • A copy of Gran Turismo Sport
  • And….A limited edition 2018 Mazda MX-5.

PS4 46K Bundle

That’s right, the bundle included a freaking CAR. This was also the only one of these bundles in existence, and it was purchased by a car collector (whom we might assume was also a gamer).

I mean, it’s rare that a gamer is surprised by a collectors’ edition anymore, and we’ve definitely seen bundles that held bigger price tags. I mean, there was once a Dying Light bundle that came with an entire BUNKER, which had a price of $386,000 (USD)! However, for a package deal like this to come with an actual car is pretty cool. Not only are all of the things in the bundle fairly practical, but all of the items are fixed around the Gran Turismo racing feel.

PS4 Car Bundle

What do you think of this one-of-a-kind bundle, dear readers? Was this a genuinely good idea on Sony’s part, or a clever publicity stunt? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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