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TV Brew: Supernatural – Lost and Found

The only way is forward…

It’s season thirteen and we open with Metallica showing just the level of hell the Winchesters have been through and how many people they’ve lost and it’s awful. Dean’s damn near catatonic staring at Castiel’s body while Sam tries to speak to Jack who’s been born fully grown and naked as the day is long. It all goes downhill from there…

This episode lays the groundwork for the entire season by, in some ways, going all the way back to season one: a parent loses their one true love, the child left behind in the wake may be a monster, there are supernatural beings all up in the survivors arses and they have very few people to turn to for help. Dean is tailspinning so hard over the loss of Castiel, Mary and Crowley that he can’t see that Jack is very much not evil, but he will be, if Dean doesn’t stop seeing him as the instrument of Cas’ death and instead as the son Castiel left behind.

Speaking of Jack, Alexander Calvert is nailing it, making us fall in love and want to protect this child, who is probably the most powerful being on the planet – if not the universe besides Chuck and Amara – yet is still just that: a child. Innocent, scared and hunted by the biggest bad guys of this entire show: the angels.

The angels are once again running around making things worse while somehow never taking responsibility for the fact that they are the ones who caused all of this! From the beginning the angels are the ones who have systematically manipulated and brutalized the Winchester family, literally going back centuries. The angels have done far more damage to them, and the world as a whole, than all the demons, monsters and various other entities the Winchesters have faced in previous years. Yet, with the rare exception, they utterly refuse to see that they are the reason Chuck left the planet in the hands of the Winchesters, not them.

Book Of Lore

  • Jack looks like Dean and Cas’ child, that is not a coincidence.
  • Joaquin from Riverdale makes an appearance as Clark and he’s adorable.
  • Sam, the one person who would know what Jack’s going through, is the only thing that will keep Dean from going down the same path that John did when Mary died.
  • ‘Or what, other one?’ poor Sam, he gets no respect.
  • Christine is awesome and I hope we get her on Wayward Sisters.
  • Dean is all out of effs to give. Losing Castiel, Mary and Crowley has broken him on a fundamental level and after begging Chuck to bring them back and getting no response? He’s just done.

This season premiere confirms some of my theories about how this year would go, while setting up an intense examination of a family in mourning as well as nature vs nurture.

Five super bitches out of Five.

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