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Fright Night Friday: Lord of Tears (2013)

Now and then something shows up from overseas that draws our attention. This piqued interest is what precisely happened when a viral ad campaign starring the “Owl Man” spread across social media.

I loved the character design, so I knew I would be watching this film. When it finally arrived from “across the pond,” I found myself in a strange experience indeed.

Lord of Tears is a continually shifting film that is part mystery-thriller, part supernatural horror, and part indie art-piece. The resultant roller coaster of genres melds together well at times, but can also become confusing.

The artistic side is fantastic, starting with the cinematography and locations. Brewster’s direction conveys deep emotion, creating a haunting tale of families, relationships, and secrets. Euan Douglas and Jamie Gordon strike the audience in their hearts, portraying James’ loneliness and Allen’s desperation respectively.

Robertson’s cinematography and art direction only add to this dark sense of isolation and madness. Brewster and Robertson create a masterpiece together, thanks in no small part to the amazing shooting locations.


As a mystery-thriller, Daly’s story is a bit predictable, although there are several decent twists. The “revelation” at one point, however, confused me at first until I watched it again, so this may be one that grows on you with further viewings.

Unfortunately, the supernatural horror aspect is somewhat lacking and haphazard. Although there are some great sequences, notably the “Owl Man” and the finale, they are rare, and their creepiness is lessened by some of the stranger scenes.

Speaking of which, I’m going to be frank and say the main flaw with Lord of Tears is Eve, the mysterious American who lives near the protagonist’s estate. Alexandra Hulme’s acting felt overdone at times, occasionally like watching a soap opera or community theater.

Also, the film was interspersed with anti-thematic scenes, such as a strange sequence of her dancing to incongruent music. I fully believe if they’d edited some of her scenes out, the overall movie would have flowed much better.


Still, if you approach Lord of Tears from the expectation of low-budget indie art, you won’t be disappointed. There might be some out there who don’t like this style or some of the acting, but Lawrie Brewster is a rising star in Horror cinema.

I give Lord of Tears a solid 4 owl feathers out of 5.

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