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Review Brew: Bloodshot Salvation #1

Writer: Jeff Lemire
Artist: Lewis LaRosa and Mico Suayan
Colors: Brian Reber
Letterer: Simon Bowland
Publisher: Valiant Entertainment
Price: $3.99

After the events of Bloodshot U.S.A., Ray Garrison aka Bloodshot is living a quiet life with his girlfriend Magic, their child Jessie, and Bloodhound. When Magic gets an ominous phone call, Ray gets curious as to who it is, and may lead him down a bloody path.

I enjoyed this first issue of Bloodshot Salvation, and it’s a good setup issue, for the character. Lemire does a good job showing what Ray has been up to, and how he’s dealing with family life. His inner monologue gives more depth to his situation, and how he feels about it. There’s still an uneasiness to his new life, even with Project Rising Spirit now gone. A bit of tension arises when someone from Magic’s past calls her, and it calls into question Ray becoming Bloodshot again. Lemire also gives us the villain for this storyline, and I’m not sold on them just yet. They only show up for a few pages, and we’re only given a small amount of time with them. Lemire’s definitely setting up something with them, and I’m curious how they intersect with Bloodshot. The story jumps to the future a few times this issue, and it’s pretty vague whats going on. There’s a few hints given this issue, which seem to imply old Bloodshot coming back. The dialog is solid, and manages to get you hooked into the story. The pacing is fine, as it has a slow burn feel to it. The characterization for Bloodshot is great, and shows us a different side to him.  

The art is split between Lewis LaRosa and Mico Suayan. I thought LaRosa’s art was fine, but there were certain areas that could’ve been touched up. I noticed it more with the characters’ faces in certain panels, and excess lines around them. He does make the emotional, and gruesome moments of the title look superb. I have no problems with Suayan’s art, and it works well with the future setting of the story. Though, it could be that he didn’t work on as many pages as LaRosa. Briar Reber’s colors look amazing and breathes life into the art. The lettering by Simon Bowland is placed well and doesn’t detract from the art.

Bloodshot Salvation #1 is off to a slow start, and sets up an interesting story going forward.

4 Magics out of 5

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