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TV Brew – Game of Thrones: Beyond The Wall

Not like this. Never like this….

Game of Thrones Season 7

Have you ever been so invested in a show, loved the characters so much that even when you know something is going to happen, even when there have been hints, it still destroys you on a very basic level when it hits? It’s the moment Dean fulfills his deal and gets dragged to hell; it’s the moment when you realize that Joyce isn’t ever going to wake up; the moment, for those of us who read the books, when Ned gets murdered. That’s what happened Beyond the Wall and I’m still reeling.

Let’s start with Winterfell and what’s going with Sansa and Arya. I think we need to acknowledge that Arya is actually insane. Which, she should be, as should (and is) every Stark child who’s still living. However, Sansa’s right, Arya wouldn’t have survived what she went through. It would’ve broken her on every level. Nor would Sansa have survived what Arya went through. The two of them need to put themselves in each others shoes. The most interesting part of the entire situation, is that you truly don’t know who is playing whom: Is Littlefinger’s plan working? Did Sansa remove Brienne from the line of fire just in case….or was that Arya? Is Arya playing them both?

While I’m intrigued,I need this subplot to be resolved soon, because both of these girls have been through too much and are too smart to allow some outsider to tear their family apart again. 

Now, to the main event: this friggin’ idiotic plan to go beyond the wall. This plan was doomed to failure from the start, which should’ve been obvious because it came from Tyrion. Guys, I love Tyrion but:
A) his short term plans are utter shite
B) him telling Dany she’s ‘lost her temper’ is pure
Dany has never killed on this show without a reason. Not once, even when it blew up in her face. Literally the only reason anyone is saying she’s ‘impulsive’ is because she’s the daughter of the Mad King and people are looking for any sign she’s like him. She’s being judged for her parents and Tyrion, of all people, should know better.

On top of all of that, the company had at least one opportunity to go back before it all went pear-shaped: when Thoros was bit by the whitewalker bear. If they’d gone back then he would’ve been dead by the time they made it back to Eastwatch. I understand from a compassion point of view that they didn’t want to leave a man behind but if they’d just let Thoros die from his wounds it would’ve been enough then and there. Not to mention that Thoros would’ve gladly given up his life to save everyone else and get them the proof they needed. While this isn’t The Walking Dead and therefore no one actually knows how long it would’ve taken for Thoros to turn it still would’ve been better than what actually happened…

It kills me that it took Jon dying (because I firmly believe he did die when he fell into that water) and one of her own dying for Dany to believe. In honesty the very fact that Jon choose to come to Dragonstone should’ve been enough. With their family history no Stark should ever come willingly to meet a Targaryen. Not. Ever. That he did and asked her for her help, even before Tyrion vouched for him, should’ve been a huge sign that he knew what he was talking about.

Maester’s Notes:

  • The directing this episode was just utterly beautiful. The transitions, the framing, the colors, everything was gorgeous.
  • Tormund teasing Gendry’s pretty arse about his pretty arse and bonding with The Hound was utterly adorable.
  • I seriously didn’t expect Jorah to survive, every trope was trotted out to make us think he wasn’t coming back: from his and Jon’s bonding and the conversation regarding Longclaw to his constant protection of Jon throughout the battle because he knows Dany’s in love with him and that Jon’s worthy of that love. I appreciate that we got played.
  • Sansa knows exactly what the Northern lords are about and is showing a lot of acumen in keeping them in check for Jon.
  • Guys, I think Arya killed Littlefinger already….
  • That mountain is the one the Night King was actually made on. I still think he’s a Stark, possibly even the original Brandon Stark.
  • ‘I am the Shield that guards the Realms of Men’ – yes, yes you are Jon.
  • Yeah, I notice everyone isn’t yelling ‘Where’s Ghost?’ now. Jon keeping Ghost out of the fray is the reason he’s alive fam.
  • I only realized on rewatch that the whitewalker patrol was looking for Benjen, that’s why there was a fire in the middle of nowhere.

In the end, the alliance of House Stark and House Targaryen was solidified and the marriage of Jon and Daenerys pretty much guaranteed. But the cost? The cost was far too high.
Five Wights out of Five.

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