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TV Brew – Game Of Thrones: Eastwatch

This plan is…a bit not good.

Game of Thrones Season 7

To the surprise of no one, Bronn and Jamie survive their trip into the drink. Bronn is 100% over all this shite. Between the Dothraki and Drogon, Bronn is like, ‘I’m am not here for this. At all. Get your crazy ass sister to surrender or I’m out.’ Meanwhile what’s left of the Lannister/Tarly army has been gathered and Dany straight tells them she’s not here to kill them but she will if they don’t bend the knee and that right quick. Most of them do but Randyll Tarly’s old racist self chooses now to have some honor, conveniently forgetting how he sold out Olenna. Of course all that does is get him, and Dickon’s adorably dumb arse, turned into dust. Tyrion watching all this go down like, ‘I need all the alcohol. All of it.’

This episode gave me two moments that had me crying, the first: Drogon meeting Jon. Dany returns to Dragonstone and when she lands Jon is waiting for her. Before she can tell him how things went however Drogon starts freaking out and sniffing Jon because Blood Calls To Blood and Jon, though terrified, lets him. I honestly don’t know what the best part is: Dany’s face as she watches or Jon’s as Drogon lets him pet him like he’s Ghost and begins purring.

The second is the meeting of Jon and Gendry, precipitated by Bran over in Winterfell doing that spy work like a boss and keeping track of the Night King’s movements. Bran realizes that wights are about to be all up in Eastwatch’s backyard and he sends ravens to everybody.  Of course, the only ones who are listening are Jon and the crew over at Dragonstone and Sam at the Citadel. At Dragonstone even Dany’s like, ‘We’re frelled. How dafuq do we get Cersei to stop being a giant bag of dicks long enough so we don’t all die?’ Tyrion comes up with a plan: get a wight and bring it, whole, to King’s Landing. At that point, even Cersei (he hopes) wouldn’t be able to deny that the Night King is real.

Davos and Tyrion make tracks to King’s Landing to set up a parley between the two queens via Jamie and while Tyrion and Jamie leak feelings all over each other, Davos goes and finds Gendry who’s been hiding in plain sight this whole time. Together, after Tyrion convinces Jamie to talk to Cersei, they head back to Dragonstone and these two young men meet. Seeing Robert Baratheon’s son and Ned Stark’s nephew/Rhaegar Targaryen’s son meet and instantly have a connection made me burst into tears. When you really think about the history of these two young men: the fact that Ned and Robert were best friends; the little known fact that all three of these lost children: Dany, Jon and Gendry are family (the Baratheon’s are offshoots of the Targaryen line, something Robert always chose to ignore); the awful things they’ve survived at the hands of the Lannisters and others, to see them smiling at each other and working together is a beautiful thing.

Maester’s Notes:

  • Everyone but Dany and Jon can see that Dany and Jon are in love. It’s adorable.
  • It took Sam far longer than I thought it would to get fed the eff up with the Maesters, but I friggin’ knew it would be Gilly who stumbled across just who Jon is.
  • I wish I could say I felt something during the Jamie/Tyrion convo but…I didn’t. Honestly, all the Lannister scenes left me cold and felt like we were hitting necessary plot points. I don’t know why but it all just felt off.
  • I really hope Littlefinger’s scheme backfires on him and Sansa, Arya and Bran actually…talk to each other, compare notes and then end him.
  • If you people brought my baby Gendry back just to get him killed by White Walkers I will set some shite on fire.
  • That being said Jon’s squad is lit AF: the Seven Samurai of the North up in this piece. 

We’ve got two episodes left and Cersei’s making clever plans that are going to get everyone dead unless she’s stopped; Jon and the Seven Samurai of the North are beyond the wall on a suicide mission and shite’s about to pop off at Winterfell between the Stark children and Littlefinger. I don’t know how they wrap this up but I’m here for it. Four Ravens out of Five.

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