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The Over / Under Rated games of the current generation

It’s almost hard to believe that four year have gone by since this current generation of gaming began. One of the biggest highlights of this generation has been that, technologically, this has been one of the biggest leaps we have seen in quality of gaming. On the other hand, since so many companies have shuttered over the years, we haven’t seen as many new IPs being released as we did in previous generations. Looking at what has been released since this generation has begun, we at PCU are going to talk about a few titles that have either been overhyped or have gone completely under the radar.


Overrated – Watchdogs

This game was touted as the system seller for this current generation. Touted as a game that would be very complex in scope and a graphical powerhouse. Watchdogs was neither. This game ended up being a sad GTA rip off with graphical inconsistencies throughout as well as a forgettable story. While Watchdogs 2 was a marginally better sequel, the first one soured any hope I had for the franchise.

Underrated – Ryse

This was one of the launch titles exclusively for the Xbox One. This game may not have had the best control scheme and sometimes took very long to load but it was one of those games that took place in a setting rarely ever seen in gaming. Not to mention, graphically speaking, thus far via the use of the Crytek engine, it’s still a very good looking game in comparison to others on the market. It would be nice if there was a sequel but so far all has been quiet on that front.



Overrated – Star Wars: Battlefront


Battlefront was touted as one of the best representations of Star Wars in a game. Beautiful graphics and intense game play created an immersive experience, unlike its predecessors. Unfortunately, the game was marred by no single-player campaign and limited settings; only expensive DLC created a complete game. Also, the lax programming and server security meant that games were full of cheaters with aim bots and other hacks.

Underrated – Firewatch


Although Firewatch received great reviews and won awards, some audiences complained. A slow pace, short story, and anticlimactic ending made many pass over the indie sensation. Despite this, the game delivered an experience unlike most and kept me engrossed the entire time. The artwork was beautiful and the story fascinating; as for that ending, it had an artsy Drama feel to it – perfect for making a feature film.


Overrated – Destiny


Destiny was a game that simply didn’t live up to its own hype. We were sold a bill of goods and given a game that truly was lacking. There’s no denying that the the story was chopped up and redone before release, but you cant help but wonder what the game was like before then. The DLC tried to fix this, and in some ways it did, but the sting of having to pay extra for something that should have been in the game to begin with just left a sour taste in my mouth. Destiny 2 is coming out soon but I just don’t see myself jumping on that any time soon, if ever.

Underrated – Titanfall 2


Titanfall 2 had the bad luck of being released by EA after Battlefield 1 and right before Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. The marketing for this superior game was abysmal. It was an improvement over it’s predecessor in every way, to include having an actual story campaign and free map content. The hyperparkour-like movement that Titanfall brought to the table and has since been copied by every other FPS that’s come after it is still here. While it didn’t feel like anything new, I enjoyed it much more than the stiff and jerky movements in the CoD IW multiplayer. The community of players has fallen in numbers, but it is still a fun game that I still find myself loading up from time to time.


Overrated – Ghost Recon: Wildlands

I may catch a lot of flack for this, but the Ghost Recon franchise just doesn’t seem to be putting out anything new & different in recent years. I know that it’s one of the more popular IPs out there, but aside from some audiovisual upgrades for each iteration, the games just end up feeling like the same old formula. Drop in, shoot at a bunch of enemies (human or AI), and talk smack about campers.
Sure, Wildlands has its rabid fan base as part of the Ghost Recon franchise. If something is stale, however, it’s stale. I just think that this is one franchise that really needs to be given a shake-up of some sort to make it feel fresh again. The Tom Clancy family of games may all revolve around the military, but that doesn’t mean that they always have to feel the same.

Underrated – Little Nightmares

Seriously, friends: this game is amazing, and has so much going for it! From the art style that’s very reminiscent of Tim Burton’s work (i.e. creepy as hell), to the amazing sound design in every area, the beautifully laid out levels, creepy enemies that give you the willies, a glorious sense of scale that makes you feel tiny, and more amazing tension than overused jump scares, Little Nightmares (by indie developer Tarsier Studios) is one that, in my opinion, EVERYONE should play.

I feel like this one went under a lot of gamers’ radars, though. Sure, it’s an indie title, and everyone froths at the mouth for more AAA stuff. However, since we’ve talked about indie games quite a few times, I would be remiss if I didn’t get one of them in here. It’s totally worth shutting off all your lights, and playing through from beginning to end.


So what about you? Do you have any games that you feel like were over or under rated? What are they and why? Tell us in the comments below!

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  1. Titanfall 2 is severely underrated, and that’s because of the stupid launch window they gave it. I think With Dogs 2 is pretty underrated, but that’s because Ubisoft f’d up the first one. I agree with the overrated picks, except for Ghost Recon. I feel like everybody knows it’s not that great.


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