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Review Brew : Gideon and Sebastian #1

Gideon and Sebastian bring dark humor to the vampire genre.

Gideon and Sebastian: Predators and Prey #1
Writer(s): Mathew Shockley; Josh Shockley; Joe Bitches; Nathan Thomas Milliner
Artist(s): Mathew Shockley; Josh Shockley; Nikkol Jelenic; Nathan Thomas Milliner
Letters: James Dufendach; Nathan Thomas Milliner
Publisher: PLB Comics

In Gideon and Sebastian #1 we meet our titular heroes – Father Gideon West, a priest whose wife and children were slaughtered by vampires, leading him into the priesthood; and Sebastian, a former baseball player who was turned against his will when he was barely 25 and sought out the Church for a cure. Together? They hunt down and destroy vampire nests wherever they find them in an effort to keep what happened to them from happening to anyone else, and to find the vampires who ruined their lives.

Once again PLB knocks it out of the park as G&S had me cracking up while laying out an extremely intriguing storyline. Gideon and Sebastian banter constantly, with Gideon leaning into his role of grumpy old man who is terrifyingly skilled in murder, while Sebastian plays the pretty boy to the hilt – while always, always, being right about the situation they’re walking into. I was literally cackling by page two at their interaction while at the same time feeling my sense of dread building up because nothing good was going to come of the situation they were in. We also get interesting background characters who I’ve a feeling will straddle the line between good and evil as the story goes on.

As for the art, it’s hit or miss. Some of the work is so breathtakingly detailed and beautiful that it makes you want to look at it over and over to make sure you’re catching everything, while other pieces are muddled and confusing. However, there are some really fun manga inspired panels that had me smiling as they fit the style of the shorts perfectly.

Overall this is a truly well written and fun book that suffers from inconsistent art, but is definitely one to keep an eye on.

Four sprinklers of blood out of Five.

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