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Kingdom Hearts 3: Finally an Integer

Kingdom Hearts is one of those series that I liked, but became convoluted so quickly that I didn’t invest the time to figure out what it’s all about. Plus, I might have –definitely- rage quit KH 2 when I couldn’t figure out how to control Riku during the final boss fight back in 2005. Strange as the plot may seem, considering the game’s premise is going between different Square Enix and Disney franchises, being a bit abstract and convoluted really is the only way for the plot to make any semblance of sense. It’s easy to find method in the madness, once you loose the shackles of sanity.

KH3 LightsSo after years of decimal based sequels, prequels, remixes, remixes of the remixes, mobile games, browser games and lots of seemingly incoherent title names –To be fair, perhaps said titles would make sense in context to their respective game, but I never bothered to find out- Square Enix finally dropped a release date-ish for KH 3, which is set to drop in 2018. So get your mouse ears and zippers ready, folks!

Judging by the video SqueEnix (Yes, that’s intentional) recently released, the graphics and game play look polished. There seems to be the familiar keyblade bashing combos, but now there’s a twist! It looks like they’re taking a page from Final Fantasy XV and included weapon morphing.

KH3 Whack

Oh, but only one mechanic from a different game isn’t enough for you? Well, I hope you like Titanfall, because you get to steal, pilot and fight with giant robots! Okay, they’re actually very small robots, this is one of those instances where everything is relative. Though having varied mechanics does help to keep combat fresh, rather than being the same ol’ button mashing. But, hopefully they’ll still let me cruise through space in a ship I hastily built out of LEGO, lasers, and thrusters that I haphazardly slapped together.

Let us know your thoughts on the Kingdom Hearts 3 announcement in the comments below!

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