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Uncanny X-men Cosplayers!

Many of us are fans of the X-Men in Marvel comics. What’s so likable about the X-Men is how diverse the characters are and how their message for tolerance and acceptance has been the cornerstone since the comic’s inception in the late 60s.


Aitch as Bishop


Featured below are an array of cosplayers in some very cool X-men cosplay and we would love to thank them all for their contributions. Please go check their out work on this article as well as many other cosplays that they do!

Emily as Nocturne from Exiles


David as Cyclops

Sasha as Phoenix

Bryan as Professor X

Daniel as Old Man Logan

Brandy as Gambit

Jennifer as Jubilee

Simone as Storm, Order of the X

Lynne as Storm

DeAnna as Havok

Alley as Rogue

Jamilla as Savage Land Rogue

Faetten as Quicksilver

Jay as Dark Phoenix

Eric as Colossus

The Philadelphia Avengers as The X-men

The last set of photos below are from a few international cosplayers who we really would like to thank for their contribution! These cosplayers hail from Poland!


Adam as Gambit

Kloss as Mystique

SotA as Nightcrawler

Aevorn as Logan


Got any cosplay requests? Let us know in the comments below!

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