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TV Brew: Preacher S2 E1 “On the Road”

Season two of the AMC adaptation of Garth Ennis’ dynamic comic has finally arrived and if the first ten minutes of the season premiere doesn’t turn you into an instant fan, I’m afraid nothing will.

When we last left Jesse, Tulip, and Cassidy, they were driving away from Annville, TX, unaware that the entire town got blown away. “On the Road” picks up with the trio on the search for the missing almighty who has left heaven and is now walking the earth.

**Spoilers ahead**

Back to those first ten minutes. We are regaled with an in depth conversation on the corporate conspiracy of foreskins, a high speed police chase set to Come on Eileen, and an absolute blood bath, courtesy of The Saint of Killers. Thanks to Jesse’s superpowers and Tulip syphoning some gas through a deputies intestines (yeah, you read that right), the gang escapes. This is the way you set up a season!

The search leads to an old Preacher friend of Jesse’s, who tells him of a strip club owner who may have seen God out and about. Before she can spill the beans though, she is accidentally shot by here own security as a result of Cassidy’s need to touch the dancers. What we do learn is that God enjoys jazz and that Jesse and Tulip have amazing bathroom sex.  And off to the races we go.

The action of Preacher is gore at its finest, but for me the real heart of the series is in its madcap dialogue. The opening foreskin banter is insanity at its finest, the logical argument between Jesse and Tulip on the ground rules of utilizing Jesse’s powers right in front of the person he is contemplating using them on, Cassidy debating the three second rule for touching strippers. It is fascinating and adds layers to the show that elevate it from just a simple comic book adaptation. Season one was a bit stretched out for my taste but Season two has already presented itself as a tighter ship in only one episode. With the “DAMN!” moment being the cliffhanger that Jesse’s powers are useless against The Saint of Killers, thank goodness there is another episode tonight. Let’s go find God!

5 bottles of hot sauce and Yoo-hoo out of 5

What did you like or dislike in the Preacher season premiere and what are you hoping to see in upcoming episodes? Let us know in comments!

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  1. Doug T. // June 26, 2017 at 3:12 pm //

    Really dug last night’s ep. The Saint of Killers is terrifying!


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