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Review Brew – Adam Wreck #1

Be careful what you wish for…

Adam Wreck #1
Writer: Michael S Bracco
Artist: Michael S Bracco
Publisher: Alterna Comics

After traveling with his parents, (super-geniuses Albert and Betty Wreck) on a space exploration mission that’s lasted for two years, Adam Wreck is pretty much over it. With no friends to hang out with, no films or television to entertain him, and no video games that he hasn’t played a million times before, he’s understandably bored out of his skull. While the chance to map deep space is an amazing one for his parents, for a child it’s just a vast nothing that, after a point, all looks the same. That is until things go pear-shaped and the Wreck family’s lives take a turn for the epic.

Adam Wreck is a cute entry point to comics from Michael S Bracco that has just enough meat and mystery to make it a fun read for adults as well as children. While the story isn’t without its flaws: Who goes on a deep space exploration mission and brings no weapons whatsoever? Why don’t the Wrecks have a proximity alarm? How is everyone understanding each other? –  the Wreck family as a whole makes up for them. Albert and Betty aren’t just book smart but common sense smart, something these type of stories tend to throw out the window, and when things hit the fan make several intelligent decisions that show they know how to read a room. This is passed on to Adam, who handles his new circumstances like a champ while still clearly being a scared child.

The artwork takes some getting used to, but that has more to do with the inks as opposed to the artwork itself. Bracco does a great job of making every character distinct as well as the planets the Wrecks’ encounter interesting in their own right. However, the inks themselves muddy the waters a bit making it visually a bit off. As the book is printed on newsprint (and oh how I missed the smell of a good old-fashioned newsprint comic) it, unfortunately, makes the inks even darker than they would be on the standard high gloss paper.

Overall this is a fun book with a lot of potential, 3 trillion stars out of 5.

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