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Blasphemous, Holy Hell

If you’re hankering for a 2D exploration side-scroller with fast paced sword play then The Game Kitchen has something delightfully sacrilicious in the oven, with their current project: Blasphemous. The studio has already delivered a successfully crowd funded project with The Last Door in 2014, and continued to produce 8 episodes in total until 2016, when they started working on this new project. Their $50,000 KickStarter goal was blown away less than 24 hours after it launched, and with a few days left (as of this writing) they’ve accrued more than triple of their initial goal. The title is doing so well that it already confirmed console support for the big 3.


Unlike their previous title, The Game Kitchen is giving this game a heavy focus on brutal combat that they “meticulously crafted so every push of a button delivers a rush of dopamine directly to your brain.” Coupled with its haunting visuals that are impressive and surprisingly grotesque for a game which uses pixel art. I was chewing on a rack o-ribs when I saw the big baby manhandling the main character, which made me stop and reconsider red meat for a hot minute.


The aesthetics and game play look similar to the Castlevania series, except darker…much darker. The artistic direction is inspired by the work of Francisco Goya, the very same artist whose work inspired the fluffy and fun anime Attack On Titan, so players will be treated to being thrown into a grim world of twisted dogma.


The game is taking a lot of religious icons and giving them a sinister twist, to which a couple of people probably won’t take kindly, but in this case the title kind of says it all. It was this perverse portrayal of religious symbols that drew my attention to Blasphemous, but the jaw-dropping action and story got me to stay. Given what we know about the plot so far, the religious inversion serves as more than a simple gimmick to grab attention. The basic premise of Blasphemous is as follows: God is cruel, the religious institution is crueler, life sucks, evil pope just made everyone into monsters, you’re all alone, have a sword, good luck!

Pentient One

Actually, the story themes and visuals look like they’re going to merge perfectly. For better details, go about a third ways down their KickStarter page and check out the main website while you’re at it. However, there is a catch to all of this: because it’s a KickStarter title, there’s no guarantee we’ll see it (my money is literally on The Game Kitchen delivering this title) and their estimated release date is Q1 of 2019. That’s still a good clip for a small studio working on such an ambitious title. For those who are interested in supporting this (and who also like swag) there’s still a few more days before the campaign closes.


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