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TV Brew: American Gods – Git Gone

…just going through the motions.

Another week with no ‘Coming to America’ segment and I have sadness. However, the rest of the episode makes up for it as we find out how Laura basically destroyed Shadow’s life. In life, Laura was a mess, you guys. A hot damn mess with probable undiagnosed BPD who goes through all the rituals of life without actually being a part of them. When she meets Shadow, it’s not so much love on her part as, “He’ll do.” After all, he’s handsome, funny, just a touch crazy, and ambitious even if that ambition isn’t pointed in the right direction. So, she marries him, but because she’s incapable of being happy that doesn’t satisfy her. When she sets the events in motion that get Shadow incarcerated it directly leads to her death and that’s where things get interesting.

This episode is filled with unrelenting humor and brutal sadness as we watch Laura’s sad, sad life unfold. A character who could easily be someone you hate, instead she’s just pathetic and so lonely, it just makes you wonder how she lasted as long as she did. This is all down to Emily Browning’s performance. She gives such an honest portrayal of someone who is always on the verge of suicide, hiding in normalcy and ritual. However, the real MVP of this episode is Betty Gilpin’s Audrey. Audrey of the books is someone who is justifiably angry yet so utterly unpleasant at all times in the aftermath of Laura and Robbie’s betrayal that she garners little to no sympathy from readers. Here, thanks to Gilpin’s fantastic portrayal, and the writers giving us some awesome scenes between her and Laura, we get far more shades to her. Audrey is the Real Talk queen of this show and her reactions to everything that is happening (and amazing one liners) are what put this episode over the top from good to fantastic.

The Gospel According To…

  • That casino had so much cultural appropriation it made my eyes hurt.
  • I nicknamed this episode “How we find out Laura ruined ruined Shadow’s life” and I stand by that assessment. Hopefully she’ll be a better wife in the afterlife.
  • Realizing Dane Cook was playing Robbie made me want to punch him even more.  
  • Did you catch Huginn and Muninn in the episode?
  • Anubis, clearly one of the nicest people in AG universe, met Laura for all of five minutes in the afterlife and was already done with her shite. That’s how awful she was.
  • Audrey did more for Shadow’s homecoming than Laura did. Let that sink in for a minute.
  • ‘Go away you zombie whore!’ – Audrey
  • ‘Fuck your feelings Laura’ – Audrey, again.
  • Seriously this entire list could just be awesome Audrey quotes. She is the best
  • ‘You’re still tacky’ – Thoth to Laura ie: her entire life in one sentence.

This episode was the quietest one yet but it answered a ton of questions about Laura and Shadow’s life before her death as well as clearing up some mysteries (and opening up a few more) about what happened after her death. Seeing how Shadow (and Wednesday) react to the events of the episode has me hyped.

Five detachable arms out of five.

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