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TV Brew: American Gods – Head Full Of Snow

Everyone getting their minds blown this ep…

We do not get a ‘Coming To America’ opening this week. What we do get is Mrs. Fadil: lovely, slightly racist and dead af. She gets taken to the afterlife by Anubis and Bast, and we get some gorgeous scenery as well as insight on just why the Old Gods are so important.

Meanwhile the Zoryas get their flirt on, big time, as Zorya V and Wednesday go for a midnight stroll and talk about the upcoming war. As for Zorya P, she invades Shadow’s dreams in a sequence that is both disturbing and weirdly cute. She tells him to get his shite together and stop trying to suicide by weirdness (like selling his head to Czernobog) as he’s got a greater purpose.  It’s adorable and odd and makes me want to see more of Zorya P going forward.

Another character I want to see more of (for reasons) is the Djinn. We saw him briefly in the previous episodes but haven’t really had a chance to get to know him but that changes in this episode. He bestows his grace on kindhearted salesman Salim in the trippiest and sexiest way possible. One of the things I really like about this show, and one of the things a lot of other shows could learn from, is that sex is never just about sex. There are layers of character development, information and actual plot in every sex scene, so it doesn’t feel gratuitous or put there for shock value, and this scene with the Djinn and Salim lives up to that. It’s beautiful and genuinely moving on top of being hot as hell.

The Gospel According To…

  • Cloris Leachman is seriously, at 91, amazingly gorgeous and sexy.  
  • Jack is fed all the way up with godlings jacking up her bar…
  • “White Jesus could stand a little more suffering. He’s doing very well for himself these days.”  – Wednesday
  • Shadow spends half this episode utterly frustrated with and in awe of Wednesday’s sheer audacity and it cracks me up.
  • Mad Sweeney needs to spend less time starting shite and more time holding on to the shite he has…

Shadow, who I’m firmly convinced thinks he’s either still in jail or hallucinating everything because he got out and couldn’t handle it, begins to realize that no, this shite is actually real and yes, the world is a lot more dangerous and beautiful than he ever thought.

And that’s before that late episode shocker….

Four out of Five Cabs.

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