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Review Brew – Wonder Woman #22

Who’s playing who?

Wonder Woman #22
Writer: Greg Rucka
Artist: Mirka Andolfa
Colors: Romulo Farjardo Jr.;
Letters: Jodi Wynne
Covers: Bilquis Evely & Romulo Farjardo Jr.; Jenny Frison
Editor: Rebecca Taylor; Mark Doyle
Publisher: DC Comics

One of the things I’ve always found interesting is when characters who are flying bricks or the muscle are underestimated, whether it be in comics, television or film. There is something immensely satisfying about watching/reading other characters who have treated them as nothing more than dumb muscle, at best, get their metaphorical (and in some cases actual) feelings hurt when it turns out the person they’ve been misjudging was, in fact, playing them the whole time. Especially if we, the viewers/readers, know what’s up. That comes into play in this issue of Wonder Woman, and Greg Rucka handles it awesomely. Diana, with a little help from her friends (seriously, pay attention to the background, there’s more than one player on the scene), gets to show off just how smart she actually is while in no way compromising who she is to do it. She’s extremely forthright about her goals, but because she’s a beautiful, badass, damn near unkillable princess no one takes her statements at face value. It’s pure genius on the part of Rucka and so in-character it makes me grin. On top of all that there are two very important threads that were left hanging from previous issues that get picked up in a very smart way.

As for the art: not going to lie, I prefer Nicola Scott or Bilquis Evely’s work over guest artist Mirka Andolfa’s. While everything is very pretty, there’s a sameness about everyone’s faces and body types that I am not a fan of. However, the background work is phenomenal and very detailed and gives a great deal of unwritten information that’s extremely important in what is, essentially, a spy caper.

Overall this is a good issue: smartly written and character focused, but the shift in tone of the art is a bit jarring.

Four resonance frequencies out of Five.


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