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Review Brew: Godshaper #2

Review Brew: Godshaper #2
Writer: Simon Spurrier
Artist: Jonas Goonface
Letterer: Colin Bell
Publisher: Boom! Studios
Price: $3.99

Ennay runs across an old friend Clench, but there’s more to him than meets the eye.

Godshaper is unique new title coming out of Boom! Studios, and it’s pretty good. Godshaper is about a world where each person has their own god. The few that don’t are called “nogodies,” where they’re seen as the lower class. Our protagonist Ennay is a “Shaper,” where he’s able to mold the god of a person to have a different appearance or change their powers. He’s accompanied by Bud, a god without a believer. Now the duo travel from town to town, conning people and try to survive.

This issue follows Ennay meeting an old friend named Clench, who happens to be a “Shaper.” Clench asks for a favor from Ennay, which brings up more trouble than it’s worth. This issue was really good, and gives us some insight on Ennay. It’s interesting how Ennay views “Shapers,” and goes into how the “Shapers” were taught their craft. It also introduces us to his affiliation with the “Cumpa Crew,” who are gangsters with their own gods. I’m curious how these characters will play out in the title down the line. Spurrier’s writing is on point, as it hits at the prejudice towards “Shapers,” and you could draw some parallels in the story, to our own history. The dialog is incredible with interjecting some humor in with the what’s going on with the story. I liked the character development for Ennay, and the pacing is handled well.

The visuals from Jonas Goonface is superb. His style lends itself to the story, and gives it a surreal vibe to it. The characters look good, and each god has a diverse look to them. When paired with colors, the gods have a smooth and cartoonish texture to them. The designs for the “Cumpa Crew” is intriguing, as they remind me of greasers with their black leather jacket, gelled hair, and spiked shoulder pads. Goonface puts a lot of emotion into the story, and you can see it in his panels. The panels are fine and work with the story. Colorwise, I don’t have any problems with it. The lettering by Colin Bell is great, and hits the mark with each panel.

Overall Godshaper #2 is a great title that people should check out.

4.5 Godshapers out of 5

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