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The Cosplay of Star Wars

It’s hard to believe that Star Wars turns forty today. Even harder to believe is that the franchise is still going strong after all of this time! In those years, fans have seen comics, toys, games and a plethora of Star Wars related merchandise come forth. But one of the best things of them all have been the cosplays. With cosplay, many of us have found ways to finally become our favorite characters from the movie as well as come up with new ones. Also with doing this, many of us have been able to meet our favorite actors from the films and show how much we appreciate what they have done for fans by telling us stories from a long long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.

Below we are showcasing some cosplayers and their watching preference of the series:

As for myself, Bishop Cosplay, I have been around since the beginning. I remember seeing A New Hope in the theaters and I remember what kind of a new world it opened for my imagination. I remember collecting the toys and I also remember that the stakes got really high in The Empire Strikes Back which is why it’s my favorite.  I didn’t realize that 40 years later there would still be films coming out and I am somewhat thankful that it hasn’t been rebooted yet. If I had a preferred order it would be Rogue One, ANH, ESB, the 3 prequels RotJ, TFA and VIII.  If you need and explanation, PM me on my cosplay page.

Original Cosplay – Jedi Master Dr’ed

Libby B. – Carnelian Cosplay   and Instagram

I think the first movie I saw in theaters was Revenge of the Sith, but I was very little.  My favorite is probably The Empire Strikes Back . I’m a fan of the 4, 5, 1, 2, 3, 6, 7 order 😛

Rey from Star Wars The Force Awakens

Wendell S – ScorpKing Costuming

I like watching them in chronological order prequels, Rogue One, originals, Episode 7. First in the theaters was probably The Phantom Menace. I love them all so I have no real favorite.

Saw Gerrera from Rogue One

Brian R.@tkrestonva

My first movie was the original Star Wars – A New Hope back in 1977 – I was 8 years old. Favorite movie is The Empire Strikes Back. Preferred viewing order – Original Trilogy, Prequel Trilogy, Rogue One, The Force Awakens.

501st Stormtrooper (far left in the front)

Liam S.Facebook

Star Wars 1977, I worked in a theatre that showed it, so I watched it a thousand times for free. That first showing, because there had never been anything like it before, ever.It changed how we looked at things forever. My preferred viewing order ? From 1977 to tomorrow. Being able to witness it all as it came out, the waiting, anticipation, speculation, was all worth it. I rather pity the children that have it all lump dumped in their laps now, they will never know.

Gabrielle S.  – Gabbarella Cosplay

Below is a photo of me as Finn, right after my friend and I won Best Group at a Star Wars event! When I saw the first teaser for The Force Awakens, I was ecstatic to see a beautiful Black man and a striking woman as the main characters. I knew I had to cosplay Finn! I can’t wait until The Last Jedi to see what Rey, Finn, and Poe get into! My favorite Star Wars movie is The Empire Strikes Back, followed by Rogue One.

The first Star Wars movie I saw in the theater was The Phantom Menace. I loved what John Williams did with Duel of the Fatesand it gets me so hype! I learned how to play music because I really wanted to learn how to play music from John Williams! I have been watching the movies since I was 5 or so. My brother and I would get in trouble because we would draw space battle scenes in our composition notebooks instead of paying attention during church services!

I attended my first Star Wars Celebration for my 30th birthday and it is one of my fondest memories. I met my heroes, Mark Hamill and Billy Dee Williams! It was almost surreal to be around people who are as passionate as I am about the ways of the Force. I teared up seeing an older lady dressed up as Leia from The Force Awakens and an infant dressed as BB-8. Through Star Wars, I have met some of my best friends. Thus I am so thankful for this fandom!!!

Finn, The Force Awakens

Dilliam K – Craftsmith Cosplay

The first Star Wars I saw in theaters was Episode I : The Phantom Menace.  My most favorite movie of the franchise is Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. My preferred viewing order- Episode I, Episode II, Episode III, Rouge One, Episode IV, Episode V, Episode VI, and lastly Episode VII.

Medieval Storm Trooper

V Joey WNo Fate Cosplay

I saw remastered versions of  4-6 in theaters in the 90s. My favorite is Return of the Jedi.  My preferred viewing order is 4-6,1-3,7
Revan Lord and Jedi Master of the Thundercats

My first Star Wars film that I viewed in theaters was The Phantom Menace but my favorite is Return of the Jedi. My preferred viewing order is by release date.

Punisher/Mando Mashup: Frank Fett

The first Star Wars movie I saw in theaters was The Phantom Menace. I can’t decide between Return of the Jedi and Revenge of the Sith as which are my most favorite. My referred viewing order is chronological order, 1 through 7. 
Lando Calrissian from ESB.
Russell W.
 The first Star Wars movie I saw in theatres was The Phantom Menace. My favorite movie of the franchise, if I absolutely have to pick is probably The Empire Strikes Back. My preferred watching order is in the sequence in which they came out.
Jedi Lothal temple guard from Star Wars: Rebels
Elvira W.
The first Star Wars movie I saw in theaters was The Empire Strikes Back which is also my most  most favorite movie in the series.  My preferred order to watch is 4, 5, 6, The Clone Wars animated series,  Rebels, Rogue One, and 7. Movies 1-3 can be watched last but only as an example of what NOT to do when directing Star Wars movies.
Victorian Lady Vader. Photo taken by Aubry Canales.
If you have any cosplays, please show them off!
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