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Review Brew – Wonder Woman #21

Diana of Themyscira ain’t nothing to eff with…

Wonder Woman #21
Writer: Greg Rucka
Artist: Liam Sharp
Letters: Laura Martin
Covers: Liam Sharp & Laura Martin; Jenny Frison
Editor: Dave Wielgosz; Chris Conroy; Mark Doyle
Publisher: DC Comics

After Diana and Steve absolutely beat the brakes off of Team Poison they head to faux! Themyscira to try and stop Veronica’s absolutely insane plan to open up the demon tree that’s been popping up all over the place. Unfortunately, for Diana and Steve, Veronica has the fully transformed Barbara Ann on her side, who can go toe-to-toe with Diana when she’s in Cheetah form. In the melee all hell breaks loose and that damned tree gets opened and nothing good will come of it.

Greg Rucka continues his streak of making every character have multiple facets as we watch Veronica continue down a path she knows is wrong, but her desperation to save her daughter trumps any misgivings she may have. Meanwhile, we get Diana in a mode we haven’t seen since her confrontation with the Spear Group when they took children as hostages: ruthless. I cannot emphasize enough just how badly she whoops the collective arses of Team Poison, it is absolutely a no-holds barred beatdown. The best part? At no point does she lose control the way she did the last time, which is what makes her actions, in all honesty, even more terrifying. If this is Diana holding back, gods help the collective DC Universe if she truly ever went insane.

Liam Sharpe and Laura Martin have a welcome return to form in the issue with artwork that amplifies the action. The battle between Diana and Steve vs Team Poison, as well as the six-way melee on faux!Themyscira are clear, dynamic and exhilarating. It feels like you’re in the midst of the fights: reading it my heart started racing as if I were there!

Once again Rucka proves why Wonder Woman continues to tower over her competition:

Five drops of blood out of Five.

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