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Review Brew: Predator: Hunters #1

Writer: Chris Warner
Artist/Colors: Francisco Ruiz Velasco
Letterer: Michael Heisler
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
Price: $3.99

The Predator is back in a new story from Chris Warner. The story opens with drug traffickers being hunted by the Predator, before transitioning to Enoch Nakai. Working at an old gas station, Nakai meets a trio of people, who want his assistance to combat the Predators. The writing from Warner is just fine, as it delves into how they met a Predator, at some point in their lives. It does make sense why they need Nakai, and I’m curious if they went to other survivors. I apprecited the callbacks in this issue and how they tie into the old Predator comics from Dark Horse. The dialog was good, as it got to the point of why Nakai was being recruited. I didn’t have any problems with the pacing, as it kept my interest when reading it. At the end of the issue, information is given about stories that are referenced in this issue. A few things I didn’t enjoy, was that not a lot happens in this issue, even though it’s mostly set up.  It was nice learning about the backstory of these characters, but I didn’t care much about them, other than Nakai. Also, we don’t even meet Nakai until halfway into the title.

The art is quite stunning and works well with the story. Character designs are fine, and pretty consistent in this issue. The look of the various Predators are awesome, and I love how each one, has their own unique look to them.The featured predator in this story, has a very tribal look to him, and its assortment of bone armor and weaponry. It’s actually menacing when you take into account of it, not using its high-tech weaponry. The environments look great, especially the jungle portions of the issue. Coupled with his colors, Velasco makes the environments vibrant and lush. The panel layouts are well done, and flows with the art. Heisler’s lettering is subtle, as it doesn’t distract from the art, and keeps you focused on the what’s going on.

If you’re a Predator fan, you can enjoy this title for what it is, but it’s mostly set-up for what’s to come in the title. Other than that the art and colors save the book for me.

3 Tribal Predators out of 5

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