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Review Brew: The Walking Dead #167

Writer: Robert Kirkman
Art: Charlie Adlard
Skybound Comics

This will not be a normal review. There won’t be a “the art was great” or a “Kirkman keeps the story going” love fest. This will be a short statement to honor a character who embodied toughness, grit, the tenacity to keep people alive while giving all of her love to her post-apocalyptic family. If you have been keeping tabs on a monthly basis, you know the deal.


This issue of the long running title is a love letter to Andrea. While her character didn’t make it long on the television series, our comic Andrea was the best example of what was left of humanity. She mourned her sister early on in the crisis, showed love to a broken old man in Dale, and became the love of Rick’s life while being a surrogate mother to Carl. She taught herself to be an expert sharpshooter, a tough as nails leader, with so much spitfire no one would defy her.

This issues is a long goodbye and allows the remaining characters to say their peace to her, and I applaud Kirkman for giving this to Andrea. So many times the main players are suddenly taken from us but he allows a proper send off to an original. Even through this touching scene, Kirkman still interjects a clear path for the future plot line within this issue which makes him a genius.

Goodbye Andrea. You will be missed.

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