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SpartaCon 3 in Pictures

It’s rare that any geek convention has a 2nd show in less than a year but that’s what happened here. The promoters moved to have the show months earlier to avoid the devastating heat the was experienced in August of 2016. Still most of us were shocked at how warm it was this past Saturday but the humidity level did not reach that of August’s.

For those unfamiliar with the con, SpartaCon is:
…a boutique convention for fans of ancient history and culture, fantasy, and the “Sword and Shield” genres, and features cast from the hit Starz T.V. series, Spartacus. In addition to traditional *** elements, such as autographs and photographs with celebrity guests, our programming aspects separate SpartaCon from other typical fan conventions – with real gladiator battles in the arena, as well as interactive demos/workshops led by Spartacus cast members.

As always the best part of this show is how intimate fans can get with the cast members from the series and just gab about any and everything. Along with that, there was a cosplay contest where the winners could get anything from autographs and photos with the cast. There were fighting tutorials geared towards teaching fans fighting styles used by Roman soldiers and gladiators. There were also plenty of vendors there who sold custom made weapons and armor and an apothecary. Of course there were plenty of panels and…Ron Jeremy.

If you missed this year’s show, take a look at some of the pictures below and keep your ears open for more SpartaCon information as well as the upcoming VikingsCon coming in October.

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  1. Doug T. // May 1, 2017 at 7:10 pm //

    SO pissed that I couldn’t make it this year! Looks like everyone had a blast!


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