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What I would like to see from Call of Duty: WWII

I cannot believe it! It looks like I am getting my wish as Activision is going back to its roots and making this year’s Call of Duty stomping grounds the battlefields of World War II!

As a gamer, I haven’t bought a Call of Duty game since Ghosts, and to be even more frank, I strayed from the series as it got more futuristic and in some cases maybe a bit too realistic as to the outlook of battle on the modern warfield.

Below are a few things I would love to see in the new game. Some are practical and some may not be the “Call of Duty” way of doing things…but a gamer can dream right?

An Extended and Cohesive Campaign
One of the biggest complaints I have seen from the past few years from gamers is that the campaigns have not always been the best in the series. This point has been very divisive among gamers; while EA Dice did a decent job with Battlefield 1’s campaign, it still felt disjointed and short. One thing I loved about the early CoD games for the last-gen consoles, is that the campaigns were enjoyable; especially World at War. I would like to see a return to the formula of being able to play as different factions within the game, and maybe as an added bonus, even playing as the Axis powers for a few levels. If Activision wants to make this game a big seller, then going back to the roots of what made the campaign so good is a huge start.

A Nonlinear Approach
Another element that could enhance the longevity of the campaign would be to let players have the ability to take to the battlefield in different ways. The last Medal of Honor game attempted this with mixed success, and with the power of current-gen systems, anything is possible.

Bring on the bots and bring in co-op play
This probably may be a sore point with a lot of multiplayer gamers, but those of us who aren’t big fans of playing online got a joy out of playing some of the latter Call of Duty games with bots. Personally, I enjoyed being able to set up levels and weapons loadouts and then play either by myself or with friends without the hassle of playing with kids or ‘game hawks’ who stay on FPS games 24/7. I would like to see this continue with this next iteration and would hope that it’s as fleshed out as the last few games have been. Also, bring back split screen support! I miss being able to play with my nephews on the couch so I would love to see that come back!

Also what about bringing in co-op play? Some of the recent successes of FPS games have come from being able to play with friends on teams as opposed to always fighting against them. A great element to include in the next Call of Duty game would be allowing players to perhaps even ‘squad up’ in groups of four to complete some great levels.

Destructible environments and usable vehicles
This series has has never been known for destructive environments or the ability to drive vehicles, but when you look at past games like Battlefield 1942 or the Brothers in Arms games, part of what made them good was the inclusion of both. If Call of Duty wants to move forward in the franchise while stepping back into the past, then Activision must harness the powers of these current-gen consoles and make these two elements possible. In comparison, EA Dice has taken advantage of these elements in their FPS games, and I think it’s past time for Activision to do the same. Imagine if players could finally take to the air in P-42 Spitfires or take to the field in Sherman tanks going up against fearsome Panzers. Both elements can change the nature of how in-game battles can be approached, so it should be done.

I am excited to see what’s in the next installment of the Call of Duty series. It’s an excitement I haven’t had in many years, and this is one game I will be closely keeping my eyes on come E3.

Let’s hear what you all have to say about your hopes for the next CoD game! Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Good stuff! Totally agree with this. I’m so happy they’re going back in time, the future settings were really getting old. You’ve got my follow. Check out my comedy blog and give it a follow if you like it!

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