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24: Legacy Wrap Up

I finally got a chance to watch the last episode of 24: Legacy. Review occurs in real time, even if it is real late (sorry Belle!).

There was a lot to like about 24: Legacy to go along with some things that I would like to see them work on should the series continue. Now that I’ve had a little time to digest the series and some of the nuances (yes, this version of 24 had nuance. I’m just as shocked as you are) it’s time to dig in and figure out how I feel about it all. And so…

I really liked how they got around the “events occur in real time” and calling the show “24” while only having 12 episodes. Making the last episode a wrap up loose ends catchall with a “12 Hours Later…” note allows the show to skip through some of the tedium that dragged down episodes of the original series. I’d like to see if they maybe made it 16 or 18 episodes where they skip an hour or so during the storyline but as I was typing that I don’t know if it would work. Might be best to not fix it if it ain’t broke. Either way I’d like to have the show expanded at least by a few hours because as it stands a lot of the action felt crammed in there a little too tightly, like they mapped out enough drama for 24 episodes before being told they were only getting 12 but said “F*** it, we’re keeping it all in there!” This cost them some chances to expound on some of the other characters. I really want to know more about the Andy/Thomas relationship, but the whole thing felt forced into the show as opposed to being needed for the story, as if they wanted to show that 24 and by extension CTU was an inclusive environment. I have to wonder how much the projected political climate in real life affected the decision to have that in there at all and if it would’ve been in the show if the writers had known how the 2016 election was going to turn out when they started crafting the characters. If the show gets picked up I guess we’ll find out.

My biggest problem with the show was that all the bad guys were the same bad guys the show has always had (except for the season where Jack Bauer was addicted to heroin because apparently he is a method counter-terrorist), namely “Russians and Middle Eastern jihadists”. I chalk that up to 1) not trying to change up a proven formula and 2) those are the bad guys that are in the news, but I was hoping for more. Again, I hope if the show is continued they try to branch out. I would love to see them address domestic terrorism, maybe with the person/persons trying to pin the crime on one of those communities.

Quick takes:

  • The show addressed, at least on a cursory level, race in America. I did not think they had it in them to do it but I am happy that I was wrong.
  • Making Nilaa a scapegoat goes along with what I am hoping to see next season. Having a strong willed Muslim in a position of authority who is a much closer representation of the vast majority of Muslims both in America and around the world was nice to see.
  • Senator Donovan & Eric Carter could be even more fun than President Palmer & Jack Bauer.
  • You don’t think Naseri saying Carter’s name on the live feed that all the terrorists were watching will come back to haunt him in the future, do you? Neither do I.
  • Tony Almeida really needs to find a hobby / occupation that doesn’t involve torture, murder, and tilting his head while he mumble-speaks. So far that combination has really not paid off for him.
  • I was kind of hoping for some kind of hint/clue/easter egg about Jack. Maybe he would be working w/Tony, maybe just his name and the names of everyone else who died while working for CTU on a remembrance wall kind of like what is at CIA headquarters. Hell, even if they said he was dead and then found a reason to bring him back it’s not like he/they hadn’t faked his death a few times already so why not?
  • THANK YOU for acknowledging that 1) torture doesn’t get you what you want, just what you want to hear and 2) there are people in the US government who are willing to do bad things for what they consider good reasons and this time it wasn’t glossed over as “as long as it’s good for the U.S.A. no harm, no foul”
  • Where in the hell is Latino Henry Kissinger (aka Luis aka John Donovan’s uncle)? He left Major Dad (aka Henry Donovan aka John Donovan’s dad) holding the bag! And what is going to happen to Major Dad now that we know he is a major traitor? Is he the Sherry Palmer this show, John’s Lady MacBeth?
  • THERE WAS NO MOLE IN CTU! I know I’m repeating myself but it had to be said again. That alone was enough of a plot twist that a lot of longtime fans of the show (like me) are still in a state of disbelief.

Overall I enjoyed it enough that I hope it is picked up for another season, but it definitely has room to improve.

I give 24: Legacy 4 out of 5 magically empty interstates that allow our heroes to get where they need to go during a 3 minute commercial break.

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