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Review Brew – Eternal Empire #1

War never truly stops…

Eternal Empire
Writer: Sarah Vaughn & Jonathan Luna
Artist: Jonathan Luna
Publisher: Image Comics

When war came to Karabon, it’s high priestess made a desperate choice in order to protect her people. Over a hundred years later that choice is still having a ripple effect as the very people she fought to protect have become mere puppets in a never-ending conquest. When two young people from two very different conquered lands begin having similar visions calling them to the same place is the horror about to end or is a new war about to be started?

Sarah Vaughn and Jonathan Luna craft an interesting first chapter that looks at the aftermath of war and ask a very simple yet important question: when is enough, enough? At what point do things turn from protection to aggression? As we follow our lead through her desperate journey we see the on the ground consequences to those who are affected by war. We also see the insidiousness of indoctrination and how casual brutality becomes when you’re the conqueror and not the conquered. No ugliness is spared even as Luna’s artwork gives the settings an ethereal otherworldly quality. As much as I love the set pieces and background the same can’t be said for the facial work as every character looks exactly alike with only skin  & hair color or clothing showing they’re from different locations and lands. It’s one of my pet peeves and honestly took me out of the book at times.

Overall Eternal Empire #1 is a great start to the series but needs to give us a bit more to make its characters look unique. 3 out of 5 visions.

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