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Good Luck Remembering Lukewarm Performances in Suspense Thriller, “Unforgettable”

The tale of a blended family gone wrong in “Unforgettable”

 Divorce isn’t a pretty thing.
Some partners move on and learn to be effective co-parents of their children, if they have any. If lucky, they find romance and love in a new relationship with someone else.
The thriller, Unforgettable displays what happens when that transition doesn’t go as smoothly as hoped.
The story starts with professional editor, Julia (Rosario Dawson) when she moves in with her new fiance, David (George Stults) a divorcee  and his daughter Lily. As Julia adjusts to the new living arrangement and preparing for her upcoming nuptials to David, she must also adjust to her new role as stepmother to Lily while making effort to peacefully get along with David’s ex-wife and Lily’s mother, Tessa (Katherine Heigl). Unfortunately, Tessa still has yet to get over her split with David and sees Julia as a threat to the perfect life she once had with her former spouse. Tessa, a possessive perfectionist employs manipulative and obsessive tactics(including using Julia’s dark past against her) in an effort to end Julia and David’s relationship. The film progresses with Tessa’s picture perfect image being nothing more than a cover for her inherently maniacal behavior.
It is safe to say that this film followed the classic “crazy bitch”story-line rubric. The sad part is that even with a basic rubric already in place, it fails to meet certain qualifiers to maintain the necessary suspense factor the film desperately needed. It lacked in many areas. Heigl’s portrayal of Tessa as a cold, unfeeling perfectionist was spot on, but the viewer would have enjoyed taking the road less traveled to Crazytown if Katherine Heigl would have been allowed to take the wheel.
 The sequencing of the script and shoddy editing denied the characters depth and texture to make the dynamic between Dawson, Heigl and Stults convincing. There were several extremes  and backstory options that were poorly utilized, if at all, which made for a lackluster plot( we aren’t even going to get into the anti climactic fight scene between Dawson and Heigl’s characters).
In short, Unforgettable is a film that when compared to other suspense films will be difficult to remember.
3/5 restraining order rating due to sub par sequencing of plot and acting.
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