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Transformers changes the view of the series with ‘The Last Knight’

The latest installment of Transformers: The Last Knight  is almost here!
It has been 3 years since Transformers: Age of Extinction(which received mixed to negative reviews), and there is a high expectation level this time around for this chapter of the film series. Michael Bay has allowed fans and critics access to sneak-peek screenings, and PCU had the privilege to attend one of them.

This storyline marks the return of  Mark Wahlberg and Stanley Tucci, Josh Duhamel and Tyrese Gibson, along with some new faces to the cast such as  Jerrod Carmichael, Isabella Monor and  Laura Haddock as love interest for Whalberg’s character.

Depending on who you ask, the reactions can vary between excitement, disdain, or highly critical analysis, but no matter what, all will be watching. I want say that I went to the screening to bring my son along and look like the “Cool Mom” but frankly, I had other motives.

The screening event was truly for the fans, and giveaways abounded (which totally solidified my “Cool Mom” goal) with posters, t-shirts, movie passes and other swag. The screening started with Michael Bay discussing the driving forces behind the installment of The Last Knight and how the writing made filming this time around feel fresh and new to him. This was a great thing to hear, since the last film didn’t fare so well critically. It was nice to hear that level of transparency in an artist (yes, I view Michael Bay as an artist); someone that understands that working on the same film franchise for years can leave you with a stale approach to a body of work that you used to take pride in.


Viewers also learned that this film took its cinematography quite seriously, as it was filmed in 3D. More often than not, films are shot regularly and then digitally edited later to be viewed in 3D. Not so with The Last Knight. With the use of IMAX cameras, Bay is bringing forth a sharper movie watching experience that was impressive to view while still in 2-dimensional format! I was blown away.

As for the storyline, I was a bit nervous as to how the historical references would mix in with the Transformers lore . It seems that they have done a decent job, but all of this still needs to tie in with the entire film series as well. It is a tall order, but it seems that all will be addressed. The scenes that were shown were not in chronological order, and even displayed the frames where the CGI hadn’t been fully completed yet. It made the attendees to the screening feel as if we were really being offered an inside scoop to the creative process that is this film.

I feel that The Last Knight can redeem the Transformer’s franchise and return itself(in spirit; not quite yet in plot) to the roots of the original story.

I will be at the theater with bells on with both my son and my peers. See you in June!


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