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Cosplay Spotlight: Impressionistic Cosplay!

Please provide your First Name & Last Initial: Ginevra W. and Faetten W.

Where are you from originally, or where do you reside currently? Ginevra is from Northern Virginia, and Faetten has lived in seven states over the years. We now reside in Northern Virginia.

How long have you been cosplaying? We started cosplaying together at Otakon in 2011. My brother Liam dressed our family, including our two children.

What characters have you cosplayed? We usually cosplay as characters from the same source: Dumbledore and McGonagall, Gandalf and Pippin, Voldemort and Bellatrix, Godric Gryffindor and Rowena Ravenclaw, Ned and Catelyn Stark, and Arya Stark and the Hound. Ginevra has also cosplayed as Bofur, Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother, and Molly Weasley. Faetten has cosplayed as Deadpool Hufflepuff and Aberforth Dumbledore.

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What inspired you to start cosplaying? Ginevra’s brother, Liam, a longtime cosplayer, inspired us to cosplay. We did it once, and we were hooked! Participating in hospital visits and events for military families are our favorite things to do in cosplay.

Ken Morrill Dumbledore McGonagall

Photo by Ken Morrill

What do you do when you are not cosplaying? Faetten works as a Dev Ops Engineer, and Ginevra sews cosplays for their family.

FightGuy Photography Gandalf Pippin

Photo by FightGuy Photography

What costumes have provided the biggest challenge and rewards so far and why? Fairy Godmother was the biggest challenge. Ginevra made five bodices to get it to fit correctly. Cinderella for their daughter Willow was easy in comparison! The most rewarding cosplays would be our Dumbledore and McGonagall. We’ve worn them for hospital visits, military family events, conventions and photo shoots. Everyone loves Dumbledore and McGonagall (except Voldemort, Death Eaters, and Slytherins…)

Faetten Wilson FGM

Photo by Faetten Wilson


What is the best advice you would give someone new to cosplaying? Wear what you love. Don’t worry about being perfect—no one is ever perfect. Just have fun and enjoy yourself. Ignore any haters—they are probably just jealous!

Samantha Ghormley hobbits 20

Photo by Samantha Ghormley

What is one thing the cosplaying community can do better when it comes to dealing with each other? Be more supportive and less critical. We’re all dressing up in make-believe because we love the characters.

Dan Arango Gryffindor Ravenclaw

Photo by Dan Arango

Featured Image credit goes to Kandles KN Photography.

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