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Man4Paradigm Studios will be release their first game soon!

What do you do when you’re a lawyer at a high-powered firm, and you have to catch important calls at certain times? Well, first, you need to hope your mobile service holds up on all your devices. Second, you need to make sure you destroy the calls from the unsavory underworld clients on your firm’s roster. Finally, you need to ensure that you keep your device(s) up to date, so that the technology is not rendered obsolete.

That’s the premise of the new game, Verizon Zero Down from Man4Paradigm Studios. The Ohio-based indie developer is said to be releasing their first AAA game very soon, and it’s looking like it could be a lot of fun. While details are a bit scarce, Man4Paradigm Studios was kind enough to give us here at PCU a peek at some of the cool stuff they are doing for this game. Here’s what we know so far:

  • You must maintain a relatively strong signal on all of your devices, including a few “burner phones” for communicating with your “less reputable” clientele.
  • Missions in the game will revolve around catching important calls at certain times of day, and navigating a sandbox world in search of the strongest signal.
  • Using the speakerphone will allow for hands-free use (while driving to your next destination for instance), but runs the risk of draining your device battery faster, and making the audio unclear.
  • Successfully completing a call will result in payouts, which you will then use to pay outlandish cell phone bills.
  • Various areas of the city will provide the best & clearest signal, but will also leave you open to being overheard by the wrong people (police, rival attorneys, gangs, etc.).
  • Devices must be upgraded every so often (based on an in-game timer), or the tech will lose support & cease to function.
  • In-game microtransactions will allow the player to access power-ups such as free Wi-Fi, the ability to see hidden fees, and increased talk time.

Moe Tisura, founder & CEO of Man4Paradigm Studios, sent us an official statement about the game, saying, “We hope that our maiden game will give people a good sense of what we can do. Our goal was to create a game that feels true-to-life, but still gives the player that sense that they’re doing something amazing. Sometimes, the realities of life are the best things on which to base fictional stories, and what’s more soul-sucking than losing signal when you’re on the phone? We worked very hard on Verizon Zero Down, and we really hope that fans like it.”

From what we’ve seen, Verizon Zero Down could best be described as having the action of Grand Theft Auto, the economics of Wall Street Kid, the graphics of The Witcher 3, and the difficulty level of Dark Souls. No release date is set for this game yet, but we here at PCU will be keeping our phones on us, in case anyone calls us with more details. Now, how can we boost our signal here at the offices?

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