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Review Brew – Wonder Woman 19

Diana learns the hard way that actions have consequences in this issue of Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman #19
Writer: Greg Rucka
Artist: Liam Sharp
Colors: Laura Martin
Letters: Jodi Wynne
Covers: Liam Sharp & Laura Martin; Jenny Frison
Editors: Dave Wielgosz, Chris Conroy & Mark Doyle
DC Comics

Sometimes it’s easier to blame others than to look at how our actions have gotten us to a certain point: If this person hadn’t said that; if she hadn’t reacted the way she did; if only they’d been paying attention. In some cases that is a completely valid response, especially when harm could’ve been avoided had certain actions not taken place. In other cases, it’s a way to put off responsibility, to never have to own our part in how our lives have turned out. Sometimes, it’s both.

Greg Rucka continues to explore what it would mean to find out everything you thought you knew of the world (and yourself) was a blatant lie, while looking at how good and evil aren’t so far removed from each other with a deft hand. He also shows how actions that have nothing, and yet everything, to do with Diana (more importantly, with her patrons) led to the creation of Godwatch, Barbara Ann becoming Cheetah, the death of Adrianna and the rise of Doctor Cyber. Did Diana herself cause any of these things to happen? No. Is her very existence the catalyst for them? Possibly. Will she have to clean up the mess that’s been made due to them? Most definitely. The groundwork for far reaching consequences, not just to Diana and her crew, but the entire DC universe has been definitely been laid.

The artwork this issue is good but not quite what I’ve come to expect. Barring the gorgeous reunion between Ferdinand and Diana that actually choked me up and made me re-read the panel to really enjoy the detail and expressions on both of their faces, the work didn’t have that spark I’ve gotten from previous issues. I’m not sure if it was the Amazons who, other than the main council, seem to all have variations of the same face or the Poison group who suffer from the same indistinguishable features, but I wasn’t really feeling the work this issue.

Overall this was an excellent set piece that leads into an awesome cliffhanger that could’ve stood for a bit more attention to detail.

Four hugs out of five.

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