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Charlotte Flair: United States Champion

The main roster for the WWE women’s division has fallen into a bit of a repeated system. This is especially true with the Raw side, as even with the addition of Bayley and Nia Jax into the upper spots, it’s still generally focused around Charlotte and Sasha Banks. There’s no doubt that those two had one of, if not the strongest feuds of the year last year, but in seemingly moving in a different direction (marginally, they still are at odds), they seem to be treading water. With that in mind, I’ve been doing a little fantasy booking to shake up the division, and Raw overall. This would move Charlotte out of the Women’s title picture, but in one of the few logical ways possible.

The idea is simple: Charlotte Flair. Having both actually been at the top of the Women’s division and the seeming top in the minds of the WWE higher ups, Flair breaks through the nonsense wall of separate divisions and captures the floundering United States title. This would obviously have to be after the current Owens/Jericho feud, but it’s an excellent opportunity to bring the belt out from mediocrity, as well as having Charlotte truly cement herself as one of the most important women in wrestling history. I want to make one thing clear: while Jericho and Owens are having one hell of a feud, the belt itself is a little unnecessary, and it has felt unnecessary long before Jericho had the belt around his waist. It goes without saying that throwing Charlotte into the US belt picture, and the prospect of her being the first woman to win that belt, would bring a highlighting of the US belt that’s been missing for years. In addition, having Charlotte not looming over every other women’s wrestling feud on Raw would give wrestlers like Bayley and Nia Jax more room to breath and get over.

That said, the hurdles in this are obvious. Firstly, there does need to be some kind of build. For me, however, that can be as simple as Charlotte declaring that the US belt is her goal. I’m not going to book this step by step here, but it is certainly achievable, and WWE need look no further than Lucha Underground, where Sexy Star won their main championship just last year (albeit very briefly). No one that looks at the way Charlotte has been booked can convincingly argue that she’s not ready for this push, so let’s throw that excuse right out the window. With that in mind, the story is right there in front of them. With Charlotte being dead set on being the best ever, this would bring her significantly closer to that moniker, both in kayfabe (meaning in the fictional world of WWE) and out.

Before this argument gets brought up, I want to squash it here. It doesn’t matter how WWE has booked women wrestlers in the past, in that the divisions and styles were separate. It’s stupid to continue to use the past as a crutch to not bring about a significant change in the way professional wrestling handles different genders. I’ve been pushing for wrestling to be intergender in general (which a lot of indie companies already do) for a while now, and with Charlotte being as dominant as she has been, WWE has run out of fake excuses. The crowd will buy it if you book the matches and storylines to not go into the nonsense idea of “I can’t fight a woman if I’m a man”. And if you do that for cheap heel heat, it’s an incredibly easy notion for Charlotte to break down by simply being dominant in the ring. One of the company’s main stars in Finn Balor changes into a demon persona for big matches, let alone the characterization of The Undertaker and Kane occasionally being literally undead or demons. The believability in narrative is whatever WWE creative wants to make it.

I do want to make clear that I’m aware that I’m saying all of this from a cis white male perspective, and certainly some parts of this issue are not to be fought by me specifically. It is a ridiculous notion that we can’t have these titles be open to all the wrestlers on the card. There’s excellent opportunity here for WWE to take a strong, progressive stand in terms of equality in sports, especially in the wake of the US Women’s Hockey strike, so what are they waiting for?

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