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What Gamers would Like to See on the Nintendo Switch

It’s been less than a week and so far it looks like Nintendo has a hit on their hands. So far, the Nintendo Switch is one of the fastest and highest selling systems Nintendo has had at launch; but with a few caveats. Many fans have picked it up to play Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild which, so far, is the showcase game for the Switch. A few others have said how much they have also enjoyed Super Bomberman as well as 1-2 Switch. An industrious few have also grabbed a few games out of Nintendo’s Japanese eShop as well. We have checked it out and have given an enthusiastic thumbs up as well.

However, with as much enthusiasm as gamers have now, many are already looking down the road for newer games that will keep their interest in the long run, as many do not want to see a repeat of the Wii U.

We asked a few new Switch owners what games would they like to see Nintendo release within the next year or so that will keep the Switch relevant and successful.  The answers varied, as some stated that they would like to see a few old classics, such as Mario, Donkey Kong and Pokémon titles, as well as a few new franchises come their way.

We would like to thank the fans for their overwhelming response, as we share some of their thoughts below.

Sammy J.:  It would be nice if Banjo Kazooie could come to the Switch!

Richard E.:  They need some heavy first party titles, not a Wii U port, some software that should have been bundled, and a remaster (Mario Kart 8+). They NEED first party titles, and soon. Winter is too far away for Super Mario Odyssey. If Nintendo doesn’t announce anything big at E3, then they’re dead in the water, like the Wii U.

Mark B.:  A Pokémon game  would sell teh Switch  like hotcakes. It’s already a rumor.  Also it needs a Smash Bros. game. It will happen but a new one would be more exciting though (no MK8D treatment but could just make a Deluxe for now as well). Metroid; the developers posted a pic of a Prime Rib or something a while back. Tease much?

Dan V.: What Nintendo needs to do is get the Virtual Console up and running. I’m chomping at the bit here. Just want some Super Mario, Jackyl, and Excitebike.

Kamil F.: Rocket League would be a dream come true.

Harry C.: I want to see streaming apps such as Netflix, Hulu and so on. Also it would really be cool to see another Bayonetta game appear as well.

James N.: Red Dead Redemption 2, a new Call of Duty, and an actual Pokémon console game since it’s been on handheld devices for years.

John D.: A Star Wars game would be cool too, with you being able to play as Rey or Finn.

Paul D.: MASS EFFECT: ANDROMEDA!! ME3 got released on the Wii U and Bioware said that if we ask them often enough, they will bring ME:A to the Switch.

Danielle T.:  I myself don’t play sports games, but I think announcing some coming like FIFA will help bolster sales outside of the Nintendo fan base. Also more games in the realm of The Last Guardian/ Horizon Zero Dawn would draw some of the Xbox/PS4 crowd.

Steve G.: Streaming Services, Sports/Racing Titles and a Pokemon MMORPG in which you are a trainer who can team up with a party of other trainers (your IRL friends) and tackle quests/dungeons together. You encounter other groups and battle in real time. You can also venture solo online and enter tournaments based on skill levels.

Eric M.:  If they want to be more successful in the Western market, they’ll probably need more high profile FPSs like Call of Duty or Battlefield 1. Having better team speak, and party chat options would be very cool. On my PS4, my friends and I could chit chat while playing completely different games. It’s a nice feature that would certainly help the system.

Maryann W.:  I think they should be more innovative when it comes to games period. I like a lot of the old stuff, but they rely on it too much. If they made something like Skyrim or Mass Effect, that would be awesome.

Ray W.: The Switch needs strong 3rd party developer games, and not Nintendo’s own IPs. We saw how much the Wii U failed because of a lack in outside developer interest.  That needs to change with the Switch. My only hope is that Nintendo doesn’t turn the Joy Con controllers into a Wii-Mote gimmick on games. Motion control is nice, but not when the whole game is based on it.

So, what other games or even features you would like to see come to the Switch? Will the Switch still be relevant this time next year? Leave your answers below.

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