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Review Brew: Savage Things #1

Savage Things #1 (out of 8)

Writer: Justin Jordan

Illustrator: Ibrahim Moustafa

Colorist: Jordan Boyd

Publisher: Vertigo

Savage Things #1 is a great horror and espionage mashup. Twenty-five years ago, the government kidnapped a bunch of children and trained them to be the government’s “monsters”. These kids were later been ordered to be exterminated by an elite kill squad after it was determined that they were too dangerous to control, but it didn’t work. Now these monsters are out for blood and causing terror attacks across the U.S., destroying the peace and trying to bring forth the dark secrets of the government. The only one that can stop them is the only one that ever walked away from them alive. His code name is Abel and he isn’t bothered with having blood on his hands.

The writer, Justin Jordan is known for various titles such as, Spread and The Legacy of Luther Strode. This story was a genre mix with elements of espionage, horror, and mystery. Jordan mixed these genres into a very enjoyable story. It really kept me drawn in and I couldn’t wait to find out what happened on the next page. At first I was a little confused as to what was happening, but this was a good thing. When everything fell into place and started to make more sense, the comic got even better. I can’t wait for issue two of Jordan’s thrilling story.

You might recognize Ibrahim Moustafa from his art on High Crimes. Moustafa’s art in this comic had a nice and gritty look to it that certainly suited the story. Even though the art was gritty, it was not messy. Moustafa has found this perfect balance between the gritty and clean art, this makes me really happy considering I normally dislike how gritty art becomes messy art. Moustafa drew the characters in very personable and realistic way that you don’t often find in gritty comics like this,  I think you’ll enjoy it. I must also say that Jordan Boyd’s dark colors certainly go well with Moustafa’s art.

Savage things gets a strong 4 monsters out of 5! Now go read it!

Please note that this comic is intended for mature readers only.

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