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Review Brew: Lady Killer 2 #4

Story & Art: Joelle Jones
Color Artist: Michelle Madsen
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
Price: $3.99

In the last issue, we learned about the past of Mother Schuller, and her connection to Josie’s associate Irving. Irving isn’t the man that Josie thought he was. Now Josie is stuck in quite the predicament with ending the partnership between the two.

This was a fantastic issue, that has Josie in quite the conundrum. I have to say, I love the characterization that Jones has been given to Irving. Up until now, we didn’t know much about him, but now, Josie doesn’t want him to be around her or her family. The dialogue between the two is engrossing, and touches at the dual nature the two have. Irving understands what kind of person he is, but thinks Josie is lying to herself about who she is. We also get to know what Josie’s husband Eugene does. Honestly, I never knew what the guy did for a living, but Jones gives us a taste of that, especially with a space shuttle or airplane cockpit being built. Maybe hints at the Space Race that was happening around that time. Also, there’s some mystery about Josie, since we don’t know much about her past. The writing is solid, and gives you just enough to prepare you for the final issue. The pacing was good, and kept me thoroughly engaged.

Joelle Jones’ artwork is amazing in this issue, especially in how she captures the dark tone of the story. The visuals do a great job at showing us the 1960s setting, and clothes at the time. Characters are still drawn exceptionally well, and the environments look stunning, right down to the pruning scissors. The little bit of action in the title works, and manages to make Josie look dangerous and sexy at the same time. The layout of panels are fine, and keeps the flow of the story. The colors by Michelle Madsen are powerful, and create a somber feeling the art.

Lady Killer 2 #4 is still awesome, and I can’t wait to finally see how this mini-series ends next issue.

5 Irving’s out of 5

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