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Review Brew: Mother Panic #3

Writer: Jody Houser

Illustrated by: Tommy Lee Edwards

Letterer: John Workman

Editor: Molly Mahan

The Bats have finally arrived! In this issue, we finally get to see Violet make contact with a member of the Bat family, in this case, Batwoman. However, their first chat does not go well and ends in a physical confrontation. Surprisingly, Violet comes out on top, but Batwoman continues to monitor the new vigilante’s progress. Violet still definitely has her own style, but she has yet to do anything that would usher in interference by Gotham’s more straight and narrow Bat-themed vigilantes. The tension increases in this issue as we see Violet come face to face with Gala.

I thought this issue was another solid addition to the origin arc of Mother Panic, but I felt that some of the more personal moments from the first two issues were present. Violet’s IDGAF attitude has been part of the charm of this book, and it’s what makes her unique in an always very crowded Gotham.

The highlight of this issue was Violet’s fight with Batwoman. Not only did Tommy Lee Edwards make the scene interesting and dynamic but Violet hitting on Batwoman was a nice touch in the dialogue. The coloring was particularly fun because of the time of day it was set in. Most of the time we see Gotham at night and with dark colors but the idea to have this fight take place at dusk allowed Edwards to use some poppy reds, yellows, and oranges in the background that really spiced up the presentation.

I am still very much on board with Mother Panic and can’t wait to unravel the rest of this origin story. I can’t wait for the next issue.

3 art pieces out of 5.

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