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Spider-Man’s Valentines You Might Not Have Heard Of

Valentine’s Day is here and Spider-Man Homecoming (which, (in my opinion) is way better than Valentine’s Day) will be here in a few short months.

As I sat alone, reading comics instead of improving my potential social life and getting a Valentine of my own, I started thinking about some of the more obscure Spider-Man romances. We all know Mary-Jane and Gwen Stacy, but what about Peter Parker’s lesser known relationships? So here, I will talk about three of Spider-Man’s more unpopular Valentines!


Kicking off the list I have Peter Parker’s first crush, Liz Allen. Liz was actually Flash Thompson’s girlfriend and she often joined in on teasing and bullying Peter. Even though she was one of his tormentors, Peter had a thing for her. Peter’s interest in Liz Allen was introduced all the way back in Amazing Fantasy #15; the first appearance of everyone’s favorite web-head. Interestingly, Laura Harrier (link to her IMDb page) has been cast as Liz Allen in Spider-Man Homecoming.


Next I thought I would talk about Michelle Gonzales. Michelle and Peter never had a serious relationship, only a couple of short-lived flings (one involving them both getting drunk at his aunt’s wedding). I thought I would talk about her is because Zendaya has been cast as a possible love interest in Spider-Man Homecoming, and the name of her character is Michelle. It is widely speculated that Zendaya is playing Michelle Gonzales.


My personal favorite Spider-Man love interest is, Kitty Pryde! Yes the X-Men character that can walk through walls. Peter and Kitty dated on and off throughout the Ultimate Spider-Man comic series. Things between them were always complicated and sadly never lasted. I really love when superheroes date other superheroes, it always ends up being pretty interesting and this was no exception. 

So who’s your favorite Spider-Man love interest? And what are some of Spidey’s valentines that I missed?

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