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Best fictional partners in pop culture

It’s February and love is in the air.  One of the cornerstones of fiction’s best characters are the bromances, work spouses, and duos.  No matter if they are heroes, villains or somewhere in between, most characters are only as good as their partner or their number two.  Some of these pairings have added depth in places where stories may have glossed over.  Some of these pairings, while working on opposite sides of the law may use different philosophies for the same ends.  Many of these duos have also served to transcend main characters in their development.  Some of these duos and just simply essential because without them, the stories that we have gotten over the years would be dull.

In this poll we would like for you, the reader to pick (you can pick up to 3) who you think are the best duos of all time.

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  1. Ram and Rem maybe ? Lol


  2. Oh whats about bad boy or shanghai knight ? Full of action and comedy


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