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Kanye’s decision shows the hurt feelings…

A news report has come out stating that Kanye West has deleted all of his tweets in relation to Donald Trump. Part of the reason had to do with the “Muslim Ban” and his dissatisfaction with other actions that Trump has taken since becoming President. Personally, I am wondering if Kanye missed the fact that Trump is all for stop and frisk, has more than enough times referred to African-American people as “the blacks,” and of course everything else.

One should ask what took Kanye so long to come to this decision that Trump was never in his corner to begin with, but then we are talking about a guy who did brag that he didn’t vote. Not only didn’t he vote, but he would have gone against his wife’s endorsement of Hillary Clinton. All of which is interesting considering that they have donated to the DNC and Hillary in the past.  I bet there have been some interesting times in the West house since then.

Ummm, Kanye, I don’t know if you know this but there is a reason why people on 7 continents protested Trump the day after he was sworn into office.  There is a reason why every breath he takes and every action he makes is closely watched by the media.  By having a photo op with him, did you think that your money was green enough to get him to like you?  Nope, not even.  Maybe, it was that one time when Tom Barrack stated that the reason why they didn’t pick you to shuck and ji–, I’m sorry, perform at the White House for the inauguration was because you weren’t “Traditionally American” (**coff** “too Black”) enough for Trump and his cronies.

The most confusing (no…not really though if you think about it) thing about Kanye’s political thought process is that less than 4 years ago, after meeting President Obama, he was urging fans to go vote.

First, the rapper told his 10.9 million followers that he and wife Kim Kardashian had met President Obama two weeks ago—a man who famously once called him a “jackass“—and said he had decided he would be “supporting the Democratic ticket in these midterms.”

The elections, he added, were “extremely important” — a statement with which few Americans agree, if polls are to be believed. Only 41 percent in the U.S. have given much thought to the midterms at all, according to Gallup.

So, what changed?  What happened in West’s life that disillusioned him from getting people out to vote to bragging about not taking part of the process at all? How has he gone from a guy who said that George Bush “doesn’t care about Black people” to a guy who acts like a scorned thot because the President brushed him off – and it’s the same President who really doesn’t care about minorities at all.

Funny thing about erasing those tweets: you may have erased them, but we all know that they are there.

via TMZ

via TMZ

Again, this erasing tweets thing is like being the lonely and sad kid that did all they could to get the attention of the Cool Kids Club only to learn that they ain’t here for you; never have been and never will. You did everything: you got rich, you said all of the right things, you married well above your punching class,  you did all of the crazy things, and you even got a picture with the president of the club and they still treated you like the red headed step-child. Crazily in all of this, by supporting him you alienated a ton of your fans as well.

So, Yeezy, how do you bounce back from this? Is this another stunt to get attention or are you having a change of heart?  Regardless, the way you have of going through changes depending on which way the wind blows, how could your fan base trust you again?  I am sure if your relationship with Trump and your fans could be described in a Facebook status, “It’s complicated” would be perfect.

If Trump was informed of this, I can bet good money his reaction would be a *Kanye shrug.*

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