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The Best Appearances Of U.S. Presidents in Comics!

Some crazy,  world changing events happen in comics, and sometimes it can be hard to tell these stories without including world leaders. As such, quite a number of U.S. Presidents have appeared in various comic books over the years. After the recent real-world transition of power here in the United States, I thought it would be interesting to look at some of the best appearances of Presidents in comics!

Here, I will count down the top seven presidents in comic books, including real presidents as well as fictional presidents.  I will be ranking them based on how they improve or diminish the story, their coolness and interest level, and of course the comedic aspect of their appearance. Please remember that these are all fictional stories and that this article is not biased towards any political party. Now, let’s get started!

Number Seven: JFK in Action Comics #309


I have to start with that time John F. Kennedy stood in as Clark Kent for a talk show. Superman was invited onto a fictional TV show inspired by This Is Your Life. The problem was that his “good friend” Clark Kent was also invited onto the show. Naturally, Superman turned to good old JFK to stand in as Clark Kent. The president wore a Clark Kent mask and pretended to be Superman’s alter-ego on live television. Fun fact: this comic came out after the assassination of JFK. The reason I chose this as number seven was that even though it was pretty funny, it wasn’t exactly of much importance to comic history and the president did not make any political actions in comic. The book was fun and comedic, but that’s about it.

Number Six: (Probably) Donald Trump in Spider-Gwen Annual #1


 One reason why this is in sixth place is because technically there’s no president in the issue. That said, the writing in this comic is clearly poking fun at the current president, Donald Trump. In a two page sequence, the Captain America of the Spider-Gwen universe (a race and gender-bent version of the character) battles M.O.D.O.K. or rather, M.O.D.A.A.K (Mental Organism Designed As America’s King). The supervillain is appears modeled after the current president, with similar facial features, orange-ish skin, and tiny hands. He leads a group of A.I.M. agents into battle near the American/Mexican border and declares, “If America will not act-  M.O.D.A.A.K must!” He then starts scream a familiar slogan, “Must make America-”, before being cut off by a strike from Captain America’s shield.  I place this as sixth for similar reasons to the previous contender, though I found it a little more comedic.

Number Five: Superman in Final Crisis 


For our fifth contender, I have Calvin Ellis (otherwise known as Kalel). Calvin is the Superman and U.S. president on another Earth in the Multiverse. When Calvin is away (doing his duties as Superman) his personal computer, Braniac covers for him. I chose this for fifth place because I find that having The Man of Steel as president is a very interesting concept, even if it is in another universe. I also think having Braniac as his personal computer to be kind of funny.

Number Four: Thor in Ultimate Fantastic Four


In fourth place we have, President Thor. Yeah, that happened. In an alternate universe, visited by the Ultimate Fantastic Four. Personally, I would vote in the buff and blond Norse God. Although, first, I think I would need to see his birth certificate. Something tells me that he isn’t from around here. I chose this for fourth place because I find Thor as president to not only be comedic, but possibly a great candidate. Not to mention, this was certainly an interesting idea.

Number Three: Abraham Lincoln and George Washington in Deadpool- Volume One: Dead Presidents


For third place I’m going to tell you about that time, President Abraham Lincoln and President George Washington were raised from the dead as zombies and planned to burn down America and start over again. Deadpool attempted to stop them at Independence Hall. The Merc With a Mouth was unsuccessful and was shot in the back of the head, through his left eye “John Wilkes Boothe style” after Deadpool cracked a joke about being killed by an actor. This story was comedic and featured two of the most famous U.S. presidents in history. 

Number two: President Captain America in The Ultimates


For second place, meet president Captain America. During a time of turmoil in North America in the Ultimate Universe,Captain America was sworn in as president. During his time as president, Captain America continued to do field work as a superhero. I rank this as second because Captain America (President America?) was very politically active and worked hard to make his country a safe place again during his time in office. Not to mention it just seems suiting that the red, white, and blue, American icon and hero would become president.

Number One: President Lex Luthor in Lex 2000


So for second place, I talked about a great superhero, but what about a villain? In first place, I give you President Lex Luthor! No, I am not kidding. President Luthor was elected after promises of technological advancement. As you can imagine, this caused some moral issues for Superman. His greatest enemy was elected president, by the American people. This story arc was definitely an interesting read and I highly recommend that you read it.

So, do you agree or disagree with this list? Who’s your favorite comic book president?  Did I miss any of your favorite appearances?


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  1. This was super-fun to read. I love comics, and I love politics. When these two worlds collide, it makes me giddy. I look forward to reading these.


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