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The new Power Rangers movie trailer has dropped and it’s morphin!

I personally have liked what Lionsgate has been doing to raise awareness of the new Power Rangers movie. The Instagram stories have been very well crafted to build out the environment of Angel Grove high school and get us familiar with the new actors taking on the roles of the original rangers. One of my biggest grips about their strategy has been the lack of overall footage of the movie, and more importantly lack off Zords. The release of the toys over the holiday season gave us images of the plastic versions of the Zords, Megazord, Goldar, and Alpha 5, but they were just toys and would give no real justice to the actual representation on screen. Well today Lionsgate released the new trailer for the movie and it answers all that we have wanted. Check it out below.


Goldar isn’t the Goldar we know or wanted!

Ok so we all knew that we were not going to get a monkey man with wings in gold armor fighting the rangers in this updated version, but this molten gold looking version doesn’t look too much better. Again it’s just a few seconds of footage to make an assessment, so I hope that the character has some personality in the final film. In this case, the toys were spot on.


Putties on steroids!

These are not the Putties that we know and love. It’s as if this new Rita Repulsa was reading Fantastic Four comics while trapped in her dumpster and decided to make her Putties in honor of mama Grimm’s baby boy. It is a welcomed upgrade to Rita’s foot soldiers. They will certainly give the Rangers a run for their money.


Alpha 5 works!

When the initial redesign for Alpha 5 surfaced online it was universally panned. However after seeing it in the trailer with Bill Hader’s voice over, it works. It doesn’t look as awkward as the designs and toy give you the impression that it would be.


The Zords are cool!

We finally get to see the Zords in action. This is another example of how the toys don’t do the film any justice. The Zords look really good, especially seeing them in action. The redesigns to a good job of paying homage to the original concept while bringing it forward into the present. The same goes for the Megazord. The toy make it seem really lame and this is clearly not the case. The new design works very well in the footage that has been shown.



Zordon is awesome!

The implementation of Zordon is really great. It gives you the impression that he is trapped in containment, but is still able to emote a humanity to him.


Those are my impressions let us know what you think by tweeting us at @pcucovered.


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