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A look at the gameplay mechanics for Team Ninja’s upcoming ‘Nioh’

Being developed by Team Ninja, Nioh is an upcoming PlayStation exclusive set in feudal Japan, and takes advantage of the country’s rich history and mythology. The game is designed to pit players against 16th century samurai, as well as scores of demons from who-knows-where, and will greatly appeal to those who love an intense challenge due to its similarity (in gameplay & difficulty) to the Souls series of games.

Since Team Ninja has long been known for their highly-polished, action-oriented, and fast-paced titles like Dead or Alive and Ninja Gaiden, it seems that fans of their games will find familiarity in Nioh’s waves of relentless enemies and unforgiving combat. However, there are some striking differences with Nioh, which will see the game pushed into a new realm of challenge and game mechanics.

Team Ninja is bringing a deeper level of character customization to Nioh than previously seen in their other titles. Coupled with their iconic style of injecting lots of action into their games, this should allow for quite a few powerful options for those who pick this game up. Not only will the game will allow players to use a multitude of weapons, but each weapon will include specific stances. Those, combined with magic talismans that will give your arsenal some incredible abilities, and guarding spirits that assist the game’s protagonist in battle, should allow for any gamer who loves action games to play in their own style.

The stances for each weapon also have their own benefits & “drawbacks”, allowing for a great amount of variety in Nioh’s melee combat system.

  • The high stance allows for powerful, yet slow weapon strikes.
  • The low stance allows for faster attacks, but at the expense of power.
  • The mid stance delivers a balance of speed and

The vast array of weaponry in Nioh, combined with their respective upgrades (which the game’s blacksmiths will provide) and each fighting stance will give the fast-paced combat in the game a good level of customization & depth that players should enjoy, and allow each gamer to experiment with different combinations to get their own style just right.


In addition to the weapons, gamers will also be able to take advantage of over 50 different kinds of arcane magic and Ninjutsu – powerful abilities which can do everything from exploiting the weaknesses of various enemies, to deploying high-speed projectiles to do damage from a distance.

Lest you think that Nioh will be all about the combat, fret not, dear readers. The game will also feature a deep & inviting loot system, which will reward players who take on challenges that increase in difficulty and scope. As is the norm with action games, the harder an enemy is to defeat, the higher chance there will be of obtaining valuable items to help you on your quest. Everything from various types of armor, consumables, story-specific items, rare or exotic weapons, smithing items, and projectiles can be obtained by defeating the legions of enemies that this game will throw at us. There will also be a shop system which will allow players to buy and sell weapons and items, as well as forge armor and weaponry themselves at blacksmith locations.

It would seem that Nioh will have some pretty great mechanics and gameplay in store for us. We here at Pop Culture Uncovered will be keeping an eye on more news about the game, and will bring you more information as it becomes available. In the meantime, tell us your thoughts on Nioh! Are you looking forward to Team Ninja’s new title? Let us know in the comments!

Nioh has been scheduled for initial release for PS4 on February 7, 2017.

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