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Games we want on the NES Classic

The NES Classic was an instant hit with many gamers. Some are excited about the nostalgia factor, while others are interested in seeing on what made some of these games instant classics.  In fact it’s still sold out in a lot of places and the going rate on Ebay is almost triple for some sales of the popular console. As excited as many fans are about the system, some of us here at PCU are a bit disappointed that, as of now, there is no news on adding games to this console (there is news however of a workaround but doing so takes a lot of work).  It’s great that there are many classic titles such as Metroid, The Legend of Zelda, Super Punch Out and others, but there are so many other titles that we hope one day Nintendo will add to the line up. The ownership of some of the licenses definitely factors in, since so many companies are no longer around, but it would be really nice to see the games below on this compact system.

This is our wish list of some of the titles we would love to see added to the NES Classic:

Ikari Warriors – My cousin and I lost so many Saturdays playing this game. It was hard to find in the arcades back in the 80s here in MD so when it came out for consoles it was on. This was one of the best early co-op shooters out there.

Iron Tank – Yet another unsung classic made by SNK. Based on the arcade game TNK III you moved your tank through enemy territory and could get different power ups as you go. I can’t ever remember if I beat this game but it was tough and I loved the fact that it had different branches to travel.

NES Pro Wrestling – This was one of the first games many of us got when the NES was introduced and yet another way to lose hours on the weekends. It was very generic compared to today’s standards but this game got the job done. Does anyone remember the Amazon eating an opponent’s face or Giant Panther’s Iron Claw? It’s still widely regarded as one of the best games ever made.

Contra – C’mon, Nintendo! Why wasn’t this loaded on the mini to begin with?? I mean sure, you have Super C, but the classic holds such nostalgia for us old-school gamers. Most of us who grew up with the original NES can recall fond (and sometimes rage-inducing) memories of teaming up with a sibling or a friend to take on the Red Falcon Organization. The tougher-than-necessary levels, the 8-bit beepy music, and of course…the Konami Code (↑ ↑ ↓ ↓ ← → ← → B A Start) were all burned into our collective psyches during this classic’s run on the NES. Please, Nintendo! Give us our beloved Pfc. Bill Rizer and Pfc. Lance Bean (yes, the two characters had names).

Top Gun – almost as classic as the excellent Konami entry above.  If there is one thing I have totally missed in my video game play, it’s the sheer frustration, after vanquishing nondescript Eastern European enemy pilots, of trying to land my 8-bit F-14 Tomcat on a tiny digital aircraft carrier deck.  No pilot could take me down, but the impossibility of landing on the awfully-rendered steel beach of the USS Konami sent me into the icy depths every time. To say nothing of the crappy refueling  stages (Up until dad splurged for an NES Advantage).  The rest of the game though is a fantastic piece of nostalgia, all the way down to Harold Faltermeyer’s classic Top Gun theme set to computer beeps.

Blades of Steel – Even if you weren’t a hockey fan, this game was worth playing.  It was one of the few fully fleshed out sports games that had a tournament but you didn’t play for the tournaments.  You played for the fights.  This game delivered on so many levels that NES Ice Hockey didn’t and its game play showed that Konami was thinking ahead of the curve when it came to sports sims as well as another classic, Double Dribble.

1942 – Yet another classic game that didn’t make the cut.  This was one of the few games that was very close to the arcade version that is sorely missed.   I loved the fact that power ups could give you multiple planes and other goodies but of course, there was the looptey loop!

TMNT: The Arcade Game –  Not to be confused with the adventure game released by Ultra Games and Konami, this was as close as you could get to playing a somewhere near close port of the arcade game. What made this game so much fun was that unlike its predecessor, this was a great multiplayer experience that held up well until the SNES system’s sequel dropped a few years later.

Metal Gear- Speaking of Ultra Games and Konami, one of the greatest franchises got its start courtesy of Nintendo.  Metal Gear was one of the first of its kind in the action stealth categories. Every game from Assassins’ Creed to Dishonored, owes its existence to this game. There has been at least 13 games in the series and even though this one falls in the middle of the story’s timeline, this is the one that put it on the map.

NES Play Action Football –  While Tecmo Bowl is one of the most highly regarded sports games on the NES, this game was one of the few that took small steps towards giving us a football simulator.  You had a comprehensive playbook and depth chart as well as actual player names.  Also if you were lucky enough to have a NES Satellite, you and 3 other friends can all play together.

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